10 Ways To Make Money From a Website


Are you looking for a magic wand? The wand that can make you productive and make you a star overnight? Our team cannot provide you with a magic wand, but our team can promise you to offer great ways to make money online with low investment.

You might be wondering what is that? Continue reading…

Build a website or blog

Say big thanks to internet!!! People can search for niche or specific topic online and find out the information. Website and blogs are the go-to platforms for any online users to access the information. Whether a user is planning to shop fashion products or looking for house cleaning service, every solution is available on the internet.

Therefore building a website or blog should be your first step to make money. You can create a website or blog for free and make money. No matter whether you’re planning to monetise your blog/website as a passive or main income stream, following the right revenue strategy is essential to get succeed. 

Google Adsense

When you visit any website or blog online, you can find Google ads. These advertisements are everywhere for a good cause. If you want to make money, Google Adsense is the best option for you. Signup for Google Adsense and make money. AdSense works in a simple way, and it matches the advertisements to your website depending on your niche (content, products, visitors and more). These advertisements will be created and promoted by advertisers. They advertise their product or service on your website. Whenever your visitor clicks on their ad, visit the site and place an order. You’ll earn commission on every referred sale. The payment may vary from one ad to another.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known method to earn money with your blog or website. Choose the product you like the most and recommend it to your audience. You can promote the product on your website, blog and social channels to get a wider reach. When a visitor clicks on the product and purchases it, you can earn a commission. The commission may vary depending on the price of the product. Sounds simple, right!!! Fill your bank account by promoting other products through an affiliate marketing strategy.

Create or sell your own digital products

Besides affiliate marketing and advertising, selling products online is another way to make money with your website. If you’re expert in making handmade products, sell them on your website and earn money. Showcase your products on your website and let the customers buy them. Don’t forget to create an order form; send a confirmation email to the customer after placing an order. Track your sales and revenue, look for better strategies to sell your products to customers.

Sell ad space

Monetizing the website by selling your ad space is the practical approach to earn monthly revenue.

Many people think of selling ad space and making money on their website. Though it’s true, there is much more to do rather than just filling your website with ad posts. After all, when no customer buys the products you promote, the advertiser doesn’t pay a single penny to you.

There are a few things to consider before selling ad space. Make sure you’ve your website. Your website traffic plays a major role when selling ad space to advertisers. A valuable blog helps to generate huge traffic to your website. When the traffic is more it’s obvious you’ll generate maximum conversions.

Accept donations

Don’t have enough traffic to your website? Have a powerful and engaged community? Yes!!! Request your audience to donate. Accepting donations from your audience will help to cover your expenses. You can take help from PayPal. Add a PayPal button to your website and receive donations from them. It just takes ten minutes to add a PayPal button on your website.

Do product reviews

Many bloggers write product reviews on their blogs. Select a product that is offering an affiliate program. Write a great review of the product and make money.

You’re the boss!!! Review anything according to your interest from bikes to food. Pick the product and don’t discuss dark shade. Also, your review must be impartial.

Selling services

Selling services on your website is a popular way to earn a great income from your website. Create a service page and name it as “Our Services”. Give complete information about your services. Also, introducing discounts on your services is another way to improve sales. Don’t forget to add testimonials to your services.

Online courses

Online courses allow people to sit anyplace to learn a new course or hone their existing skills. Sharing your knowledge is an excellent way to make money from your website. If you’ve great teaching skills, turn your website into a teaching platform and make money. The online courses can range from cooking to spoken English. Also, you can become a financial expert and help the business through online tutorials.

Sell your website

Though selling the website can be a heartbreaking moment, it can make great money. Once when you have a website that has good traffic, you can easily make money by selling a website. It is considered as a powerful asset for website owners. There are few websites such as Flippa that help you to find the buyer.


Do you have a website? Looking for ways to make money from your website? Great news!!! Make your website as the mainstream to generate income. Simply put, your website is revenue-generating assets. There are multiple ways to make money without hassles. It includes Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling digital products and services, providing online consultation and more.

However, you need to be careful while choosing the way to make money from your website. As there are hundreds of options available to make money, some might be genuine and few approaches can be fake. Pick the best way to make money from your website. You can earn $10 to $500 from your site – all you need to implement these strategies on your website in the right way.

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