10 Ways to Make Money Delivering

There are unlimited ways to earn money in your free time. You could make money online sitting at home. At the same time, you could make money delivering orders to customers driving around your home. 

With the increase in convenience and comfort to shop and order items online, the demand for door-step deliveries is also increasing, hence the demand for delivery agents. Yes, you can make decent money by delivering orders to customers. There are many companies out there that are looking for part-time and flexible delivery drivers to deliver orders to their customers at the right time. Not to mention, they pay well. All those companies look at is a bike or car and a clean driving record to offer you these jobs. Wondering where you can find these delivery gigs to get paid well? Here are the top 10 ways to make money delivering orders.

10 Ways to Make Money Delivering

So, here are the websites that let you make quick bucks for delivering orders. If you are the one who loves to drive a car most of the time, then making money through delivering packages is the best choice you can make to earn a decent income.


This is a delivery app that offers free food, groceries, and drinks for deliveries and pickups. Postmates Fleet hires drivers and offers all the required tools to start their earnings smoothly as soon as they join. All you need is to upload proof of identity and a selfie to get verified. You will receive a delivery bag and Postmates prepaid card to start your earnings.

The best part with this app is they don’t charge any fees, you can take 100% of your earning and get free weekly deposits. 

Download the Postmates Fleet app, earn in your flexible timings by delivering orders to nearby your area or anywhere in the city. 

A Postmate delivery driver earns per minute and per mile approximately ranging from $.10 per minute and $1.03 per mile, 80% of the delivery fee, and at least 5% of it as the tip.


Become an Instacart in-shopper or a full-service shopper and start your earnings as a shopper in your free time. All you need is to download Instacart to your mobiles, sign up and shop to earn. Instacart lets you earn quickly through shopping anywhere between $7 to $20 per hour

So, let’s see what does it mean by Full-Service Shopper and In-House Shopper.

Full-Service Shopper: As a Full-Service Shopper, you need to shop for orders and deliver them to the customer’s doorsteps. 

In-House Shopper: Here you need to shop for the items ordered for customers to pick up. This provides great flexibility for people who don’t have a bike but want to earn with Instacart.

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Decide how much you want to earn with DoorDash. Become a Dasher and deliver in your free time and earn. Download the Dasher app and get approved to receive nearby order to deliver and earn.

You can earn anywhere between $15 to $25 per hour as a Dasher, the earning also depends on the miles you traveled to deliver the orders.

Uber Eats

Make money on the go with Uber Eats. Uber Eats alike Instacart and Postmates, lets you earn in your flexible time with your own vehicle. Download the app, log in, receive delivery requests, pick the ones that are nearer to you, and hit the road. Deliver the orders and earn money. No matter if you have a car or scooter or bike, you can simply sign up, receive orders, and earn with Uber Eats.

You can earn between $10 – $20 per hour depending on how many orders you deliver.

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Amazon Flex

Start earning with Amazon Flex and take quicker steps towards your goals. Amazon Flex app lets you earn anywhere between $18 – $21 per hour. Download the app, sign up, and get your background checked. You can soon find available delivery blocks near you. All you have to do is mark yourself as available to receive the orders. You will get paid for your deliveries twice a week via direct deposit.

As Amazon Flex doesn’t hire round the year, you need to check their website frequently to see if they are hiring drivers in your area.

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Shipt is a grocery delivery service app that hires shoppers to shop and deliver the orders. As a Shipt Shopper, you can earn up to $22 per hour excluding tips. To get started you need to complete Shipt Shopper Application, fill in your details and wait for the approval.  You can download the Shipt app and undergo training, once you are approved as a Shopper. You can start earning upon passing a test after the training.


Earn cash during your own schedule by delivering packages to people with Deliv. All you need is to fill out the Deliv Delivery Specialist application, complete online certification, and pass a test. Deliv drivers are estimated to earn $15-22 per hour.


GrubHub is another delivery service that lets you make money anytime. Submit your application, driver’s license, insurance, get to ready to download the app, scheduling, picking up orders, and delivering. You can make up to $12 per hour and tips.

Download the GrubHub app and start earning in your spare time.


Want to make a full time earning through delivering? Do you have a pickup truck or Cargo van or Box truck, then GoShare is the best app to start your earning. Download the app, apply online for GoShare Delivery Pro to complete the onboarding process, and start earning. 

The earnings may range from $47-71 per hour.


Last but not least, the other package delivery app that lets you earn an average of $15 per trip is Roadie. The best part is no matter what you are driving or where you are traveling, you can make cash on the go. Just get verified, download the app, receive gigs, accepts the delivery gigs you are flexible to deliver, and make money. Its that’s simple.

You need to maintain a minimum 4-star rating for all deliveries to continue as a Roadie driver.

Bottom Line

Hope you will find these 10 delivery apps helpful to start a new side hustle. Of course, you can make a full-time living delivering packages only if you take up more orders and work with multiple delivery services parallelly. So, start applying for these gigs and get verified to hit the road and start your earning.

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