10 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is a one-stop destination to buy everything you need. Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! It’s hard to find something that Amazon does not sell. You can find almost everything at your fingertips. No matter whether you’re looking for the best laptop at affordable prices or planning to buy household essentials, Amazon is the best place to get the desired things within few simple clicks. You’ll have extra fund when you have an Amazon Gift Card while shopping your necessary things.

Play games

Do you love to play games online? Yes!!! You can get an Amazon gift card for free by playing online games. There are few websites such as Swagbucks and AppNana that offer Amazon gift cards when you play the games on their website and reach a specific score or level. Sometimes you can get an Amazon gift card by watching videos or downloading the application on your mobile or PC. Always keep a note, read the website terms and conditions correctly and proceed.

Never expect great rewards in the beginning. Take advantage by playing those games that you’re expert. Download the AppNana application on your mobile and login every day. When you log in, AppNana will provide you with exciting rewards for login.

Take surveys

If you don’t like playing games, try writing surveys instead. You don’t need to invest to get a gift card. There are few popular websites such as Survey Junkie, MyPoints and InboxDollars. Join these accounts and start writing surveys. Pick a favourite topic and write a survey. Whenever you submit the survey, you’ll earn rewards. You can redeem them and get an Amazon gift card.

At initial stages, you may earn fewer points. As filling out a survey needs less time you can complete the survey within a few minutes.

Buy Groceries

Want to earn whenever you shop groceries? With Ibotta site, you can. All you need to buy necessary groceries or daily essentials at your local grocery market, capture the picture of payment receipt. Now submit the receipt in Ibotta application. Ibotta provides reward points and cashback. Redeem them for Amazon gift card. Sounds easy right, it is one of the best and easiest ways to get an Amazon gift card.

Shop Online

Don’t have enough time for shopping? Always prefer to buy fashion, electronic, groceries or daily essentials online? Yes!!! You’re doing a great job. How about earning a gift card while shopping? Sounds crazy right.

Get an Amazon gift card for free. The process is simple and easy.

Have you ever heard about Rakuten and TopCashback? Many times right!!! Shop at these platforms and earn cashback or reward points. Redeem them and get an Amazon gift card. TopCashback is one of the popular cashback sites. The platform is offering an extra 3% cashback when you buy an Amazon gift card as a payment method. With Rakuten, you can earn upto 50% cashback on every order. Also, Rakuten is offering excellent discount on Amazon gift cards. If you love to shop online, this is the best way to get Amazon gift cards.


Are you a freelance writer? Already have a blog that has great traffic? Yes!!! Register for “Amazon Associates”. They will provide unique affiliate links to promote their products on your blog.

Create attractive images and add your affiliate links. Whenever a user clicks on the post, they’ll redirect to Amazon’s official website. If that user purchases any product or books service, you’ll earn money or Amazon gift cards. It’s no surprise this method may require effort to generate potential customers to Amazon. Apart from blogging, you can promote Amazon products on your social media platforms. 

Trade Stuff in 

Get ready for the surprise. Amazon is ready to pay you in the form of gift cards. All you need to participate in “Amazon Trade-in Program”. You need to send unused things such as electronic, furniture or books to Amazon for assessment. You don’t need to pay a single penny to ship your products. After completing the assessment process, you’ll get paid through cash or Amazon gift cards. 

There might be a time where you’re products get rejected. Amazon will send your things back at your doorsteps. Sell unused things to other websites. Selling old stuff is a great way to make money.

Search with Bing

What is the popular search engine? Ofcourse GOOGLE right. Most people love to search on Google. On the other side, Bing is also another popular search engine. But only a few people prefer to search. They are enjoying with “Bing Reward Program”. This reward program offers exciting rewards points as incentives whenever you search on Bing. The more you search, the more reward points you’ll earn. Convert those points and get an Amazon gift card. If you consistently use the internet, this approach is worth it for you.

Use Credit Card

Worried about credit card payments?Getting an Amazon Visa card is an effective way to improve security and privacy for your credit. Without any worries, you can pay through Amazon Visa card. You can use this card for online and offline transactions. You will earn a few points whenever you make payments through an Amazon Visa card. Redeem those points to get an Amazon gift card.

Reload your Amazon Gift Card

Reloading the existing Amazon gift card and getting a new Amazon gift card is really fun.

Are you confused? Let’s explain, reload your Amazon gift card for $100 and above and get an Amazon gift card for free. You’ll be rewarded with $5 in your gift card. Reloading the available gift card is also good for your environment.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

It’s a creative way to earn passive income by accomplishing the tasks online. Joining to Amazon Mechanical Turk is free. Login and play task online, these tasks just take a couple of minutes. Consider, a few tasks such as data entry, research, completing the surveys and more. Earn cashback and get Amazon gift card. This is the absolutely right way to get Amazon gift card for free.


There is a high demand for Amazon gift cards. Getting an Amazon gift card is easy and simple. There are several ways to get a free Amazon gift card, you can attempt these options such as play games, surveys, shopping online and more. Many people prefer to play games and get an Amazon gift card. What is your favourite option?

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