10 Travel Jobs to Make Money

Are you dreaming of earning money while travelling around the world? Want to fulfil your dreams by visiting your favourite destination? Yes!!! You’re at the right place. All you need to find the best travel job to make money. There are hundreds of travel jobs available online, our team have shortlisted the travel jobs for your comforts.

Following are the top 10 travel jobs to earn money

Travel blogger

Travel blogging can be the best way to make money. All you need to do is visit places, describe the people and things you find interesting.

Sounds interesting right!!!

This is an excellent approach to make money while travelling. It’s no secret that blogging is one of the proven profitable ways to earn money. Keep a note, travel blogging is completely independent of an employer. Because your earning will depend on you. Travel bloggers are earning great money by travelling across the corners of the globe and sharing their stories, experience and travel tips with readers. According to a recent analysis, travel bloggers are earning more than $30,000 per month.

Travel bloggers are earning money by promoting other businesses such as hotels, airlines, resorts, travel and more. Running travel website ads is an excellent approach for bloggers and advertisers to make money. Also, providing genuine and honest reviews about your travel experience can improve trust from your readers.

Property renter with Airbnb

Want to make money while sleeping? Yes!!! Renting your space is one of the most effective ways to earn money.

Renting a spare room or villa to travellers or short-term occupants is the best way to make money. If you’re planning to rent your space, Airbnb is the right platform for you. You don’t need to bother about renting your space to tenants, Airbnb will make you feel safe and secure. Set your own charges according to your location, amenities and surrounding competition. Consider, if the location is a nearby tourist spot or populated area, then you can charge $200 per night.

You don’t need to spend millions on your rental space. All you need to have a rental space near the tourist location, basic amenities, comfort and clean facilities can bring great money for your world tour.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a popular way to make money. Did you know, virtual assistants are earning upto $26 per hour? Yes!!! If you can become a virtual assistant, you can earn great passive income just by sitting at your home. As a virtual assistant, you need to work for the clients online. Roles and responsibilities may include scheduling appointments, planning for the next trip, arranging travel tickets, booking hotels and more. Simply put, there are more than 200 services you can provide as a virtual assistant. Becoming a professional virtual assistant allows you to make money while travelling at corners of the places. While offering services to your client make sure you have proper internet connection on the move. Travelling while working can be a daunting task to stay focused. But, if you strive to earn money, you should be determinant. Be strong and earn enough money to travel to your favourite places.

Become an English Teacher

Do you love teaching? If your answer is YES, earning money through teaching is the best choice for you. English teachers are always in high demand in the market. As per the analysis, English teachers are earning more than $3000 per month. If you have better communication skills, bachelor degree and passion for teaching then teaching online English classes will make great money.

There are several websites that provide information for people who are planning to learn English online. Get registered at VIPKID and start your teaching career right away. English teachers are earning a maximum of $22 per hour. On the other hand, teachers are making money with incentives and referrals.

Travel Tour Guide

Want to earn upto $10,000 per month? Become a travel tour guide and make money easily. All you need to have great knowledge of several tourist destinations around the world. Earning money while travelling is a wonderful choice for tourist guides. Also, it’s an incredible opportunity for travels to visit tourist places while sharing their knowledge with different kinds of people and getting paid. Did you know that there are many travel guide training programs available online? Among them, ITMI – International Tour Management Institute is popular. Login to ITMI and get connected with top tourist businesses.

International pet sitter

Have you ever heard about international pet sitting? People earn money by taking care of clients’ pets when they’re on a holiday trip or business travel. Pet sitting is the best option for the one who loves animals. The pay scale may vary depending on the location and pet. You can apply for the pet sitter job at Rover and introduce yourself. Also, give a brief about your pet sitting services. Few clients may request to visit their place and take care of their pets. This can be a vacation for you and also make money.

Travel agent jobs

Are you capable of designing a perfect business trip? How about becoming a travel agent and earning income by helping people by providing them with a cost-effective business trip. No matter whether you would like to travel yourself or want to help others regarding travel, you can have fun as a travel agent. Interesting right!!! As a travel agent, you need to help people by choosing and arranging their business trips or personal holiday trips. The services can range from booking tickets to insurance. Make sure, you plan a trip within budget. Arrange transportation, book hotels and collect the payment at the end of the day.


It’s no secret you need to know great knowledge about your second language to become a translator. While travelling to places, travellers look for a translator to help them while booking hotels or during shopping. If you can read, speak and write multiple languages, then this job is for you. You can earn great money just by translating. Also, there are many businesses who are planning to perform a translation on their websites, blogs, books and product manuals. The more professional you’re at translating, the more money you can earn. Become a translator and earn upto $70 per hour.

Travelling Yoga Instructor

Hurray!!! Here is another opportunity that allows you to travel to favourite destinations while earning money – Yoga Instructor. If you’re a professional yoga trainer and willing to teach yoga classes then this job is for you. You don’t need a bachelor degree to become a yoga teacher. All you need to have an experience in Zumba, dance, salsa, yoga and more. There are many yoga instructors who are earning great income teaching at local gyms. Also, there are few hotels offering yoga as their amenities to make their customers happy. Connect with the top hotels and become an in-house yoga trainer and make cool money.

Website & Graphic Design

Website and graphic design is a powerful career for professional designers and developers. If you’ve enough coding skills and great knowledge on designing websites through Photoshop and Illustrator, this is the suitable travel job for you. There are thousands of tutorials available online, make the great use of these tutorials and learn how to build a website and create beautiful templates. When you’re all set to build a website, it’s time to get connected with clients across the globe. Professional developers are earning upto $4000 per month.


Have a dream of a world tour? Don’t have enough money? These travel jobs will find the perfect job for you and make great revenue. Pick the perfect travel job according to your interest and get paid instantly.


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