10 Sites to Start Selling Crafts Online

Are you someone who can create beautiful handmade crafts and items? Yes, then have you ever thought of selling them online? It is an excellent store to earn good cash. 

Here are a few sites where you can sell your crafts and make good money.

Handmade at Amazon

Amazon is a widely popular e-commerce platform where people can buy anything from electronics to books. But did you know that you can even sell crafts on Amazon? Yup, you heard right. Handmade at Amazon is the popular sub store of this platform where people sell their crafts. It offers crafters a personalized store to showcase their crafts. Handmade at Amazon allows people to sell any number of crafts but the only requirement is that they must be made from hands. This store offering two plans for the sellers i.e., free professional plan and professional plan. Free professional plan is for those who sell forty items in a month and the professional plan is for those who sell above forty items in a month at $39.99/month. As a seller, you will have access to the seller app with which you can manage your sales from anywhere at any time. 


As you know, Etsy is a platform for selling original handcrafted items. It is popular with buyers for the vintage items available on the platform. Listing on this platform is also quite easy. It is cheap too, you just have to pay 20 cents for listing. Once a sale is made you will be charged with an additional 3.5% percent sales fee along with a 3.25% payment processing fee for all the payments accepted through the Etsy payments. The good thing about this store is that you don’t have to pay monthly charges with this platform. It offers different payment options such as Google Wallet, Apple wallet, Paypal, debit, or credit cards.


eBay has been in the market for a long time. It is quite popular among users as it is a place that allows sellers to sell handmade crafts along with other items. If you’re planning to sell handmade items then eBay is the perfect place for you. You can draw the attention of users and improve your sales. It is offering different sales plans for the users and you can choose from them a plan that matches your requirement. If you’re an occasional seller you can add up to 50 items per month for zero listing fees. In case you don’t need a store to list your under 50 items per month then you’ll only have to pay a 10% sales fee. 

Anchor store

Anchor store option is with eBay. And it is meant for big sellers. The store cost is pretty high and to cover it you must make good sales. The store rent is $349.95/month. It also has a selling fee between 10-15% per item. But you must pay the selling fees too. The exclusion of selling fees only applies to major items such as real estate and motor vehicles. 


iCraft seriously has restricted people to sell only handmade items, fashion, and crafts. So one can say that this store is strictly meant for people who are looking for a platform to sell their art or handmade crafts. You can list unlimited products at just $5/month. And the best thing about this store is that they don’t charge any listing fees or commission. If you sign up for the membership of twelve months then you will receive a discount of at least a 10% discount. From accessories to home decor, you can sell a wide variety of goods on this platform. You can even sell vintage items in the above-mentioned categories. 


This store is only open for British sellers. But this is also a craft selling platform. From homemade clothing to stationery you can sell any handmade crafts here. Currently, there are two plans available, it is a basic plan and the plus plan. Under the basic plan, there is a listing fee and commission per item. However, under the plus plan, you must pay a small yearly fee but there will be no sales commission or listing fees. Buyers will have a great collection for people to select from. 


This store is quite similar to Amazon. This platform has both handmade items and retail items. The buyers can purchase anything they want here. From beauty to health the buyers will find a variety of products. The selling rate for sellers is 3.5% but the best thing about Bonanza is that it will not charge you any listing fees or store fees. For any seller, this is a great deal because you don’t have to pay anything unless you sell something.


This platform allows artists to display several genres for sale. From shoes to scarves you can display a wide variety of handmade items here. Not only handmade crafts you can even sell vintage items too. There are three different plans for the sellers to choose from. The prices can vary anywhere between $4.95- $40/month. You can choose a shop based on the number of items you’re going to sell. 

GLC Craft Mall 

GLC Craft Mall is an online craft mall that all allows sellers to sell handcrafts. There are different types of items that a seller can sell on this platform. It is offering three types of stores for the sellers. They are Basic store, semi-pro store, pro-store. The basic store has a flat rate of $3.50/month. Sellers don’t have to pay another commission fee and they can list up to 100 items. Monthly fees for a semi-pro store are a flat fee of $6.95/month and there will be no other commission or fees. One time you can list 250 items in a go. Coming to the pro store the sellers must pay $12/month and there are no other fees. All these stores allow you to set your delivery charges. 

Hyena cart

This store primarily focuses on selling handmade items. But if the seller wants to see non-handmade items they can sell them too. But they only sell child, family-friendly, and organic items. The setup fees are $10 and the monthly fee is $5/month. If you’re taking a break from a business you can stop paying for six months. But if you don’t pay after six months then your store will be labeled as inactive.


These are a few of the stores where you can sell your arts and crafts. So check them out and make sure that you choose a store that matches your requirements. Are you planning to donate all your used clothes? Why not make some money by selling them? Interested, then check out this article.

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