10 Sites to Find Paid Writing Jobs

Tired searching for paid writing jobs that really value your creative skills? Relax! Your search ends here. This article has got you 10 best sites to find paid writing jobs.

Writing is an art that deserves to be paid well… Fortunately, getting paid for your writing has become much easier in this digital era where there are innumerable websites offering freelancing or writing gigs. But one thing that needs your attention is there is a hefty competition for a limited number of gigs. So, build your portfolio and focus on adding more value to it while parallelly taking up writing gigs and getting paid. 

So, enough said! Let’s discuss the top 10 sites to find paid writing jobs to get paid well.


No matter, if you are already a highly paid writer or a beginner, Fiverr is one of the best places to get started. In fact, it is the best platform to sell your writing services. All you need to do is create your Seller Profile, create your gig describing who you are and what you can offer and explore the marketplace. You can set your own rates, offer packages, and optimize your profile to get noticed first. 

With that said there is a huge competition among people just like you, it is suggested to accept even small gigs to stay in the competition and grow your network. After all, you will gain some experience of working with various clients which is helpful to pitch in front of high paying clients.

The payment is guaranteed here, as the buyer has to pay Fiverr after placing the order. You will receive your payment and will be able to withdraw the amount after 14 days via Paypal.

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UpWork is a great platform to find tons of writing jobs in any niche. Just sign up and find jobs. Once you have seen the job posting that matches your skills and experience, go ahead and apply as a freelancer. Again, you need a greatly built portfolio to show the clients of your talent and previous work. So, work on that until you become a pro in your niche. Wondering how do you do that? Simple, find out a profitable niche where you skills and passion lie in and build a blog. Write and publish articles on your blog regularly, so that you will have an active portfolio where the clients can see your writing style, fluency and other things.

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The more you work and the more success or positive feedback, the busier you get. The best part with UpWork is you don’t have to worry about payment, as this site takes care of it the same as Fiverr. 

You also need to be aware that UpWork takes 5% to 20% commission based on the amount you earn.


The other way you can find paid writing jobs is Job Boards. Instead of selling your services on freelancing platforms, you can find remote, full-time, part-time jobs on job boards such as BloggingPro. You can directly Sign up for BloggingPro and search jobs with related keywords, find an ideal job and apply for it.

You can find amazing insights to grow your career as a writer with the books and tips available for bloggers.


Become a highly paid freelance writer with The Freelancer by Contently. However, you need a sound experience as a content writer to grab the projects. So, you can use this site as a portfolio to pitch to other clients. Keep your social media profiles updated, stay active on them as well posting content related to your niche and link them to your Contently portfolio to stand chances to win the projects.

Unlike the other freelancing sites, Contently reviews your work and approves you as their freelance member. So, optimize your profile well, build a strong portfolio to get some highly paid gigs.

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Building a personal brand does not just help you drive clients but its the first step to start your entrepreneurial journey and ClearVoice is one of the best platforms to build your personal brand. You can build a beautiful portfolio for free on ClearVoice, find better jobs, pitch to clients for your dream job, set your own rate and get paid quickly

Once you are done with creating your CV portfolio, Clearvoice considers you for any job that demands your skills and sends a list of profiles to the client. The client selects the top talent from the list. You will get paid for your work via Paypal once your assignment gets approval.


Guru is another freelance website that lets people hire talent and find work for the talent. Getting a paid writing gig for you is simpler with Guru. All you have to do is register and fill your details and complete your portfolio. There are thousands of jobs posting every day on multiple subjects. Click on Find Work, explore different jobs and apply for ones that interest you.

Guru assures your payment with Safepay, so you do not need to worry about late payments.


Freelance for SkyWord to work with top-tier brands and get paid well. After filling out your profile, you stand chances to get hand-selected for jobs that pay you well. Yes, this is a little time taking process to find your first client, so it is recommended to stay active on other freelancing sites and job boards meanwhile.


Register as an author on Textbroker and earn doing what you love. The website has tons of projects for you to make your words into cash. So, register, optimize your profile, apply for gigs. You can earn depending on your quality level anywhere between $0.07-0.5 per word.


Freelancer is another best way to earn freelancing. Simply, sign up, fill out your profile and optimize it. You are then ready to bid for the projects related to your skills. You can find hundreds of projects related to content writing including micro gigs. Just bid with your free bids available and wait for clients to respond. Freelancer offers assured payment with its advanced and multiple payment features.

The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is another great site to start your freelancing writer career. Sign up, fill in your details, set your rates and register with Growth Machine. You will have an opportunity to interact with other freelance writers on Slack and build your network.

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Bottom Line

The above are 10 best sites for you to find paid writing jobs that help you achieve your goals faster. Build your network, enhance your personal brand, pitch to top clients, get work, and get paid well.

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