10 Seasonal Jobs Hiring that Pay $10/Hr or More


How often do you shop online? Once in a month or thrice in a month. Most people shop online when e-commerce or other service providers are offering a discount sale. The sale can be clearance sale, Black Friday day sale or Christmas sale. It’s no surprise few online shopping portals provide mind-blowing discounts on sitewide products. Many customers shop during the sale season to avail high discounts on their purchase. With the increased number of purchases, retail websites are hiring employees around every division during the season.

If you’re looking for a seasonal job that pays $10 per hour. Follow these seasonal jobs that are hiring right away.


If you’re planning to work in a place that you love, Target is a suitable place for you. Working at Target is a dream for many. If you’re dreaming to work at Target, here is a great chance for you. The platform is hiring over 100,000 seasonal workers for various positions such as administrative support, logistics, project management, business operation, internships, marketing, call centres and more. Depending on your skills and experience, apply for the seasonal job at Target. There are multiple benefits associated with Target, employees can avail a flat 10% discount on the Target products. Also, a 20% discount on grocery and home essentials. Every worker can earn over $11 per hour at Target.


No matter whether you’re planning to start your career or setting a new path that has good pay, UPS is the best opportunity for you.

UPS stands for “United Parcel Service”. UPS is hiring the best talents to help them during the season and holiday rush. Create a UPS account and submit your resume right away.

UPS is hiring for multiple positions such as

  • Delivery & Warehouse
  • Tractor-Trailer Drivers
  • Truckload Drivers
  • Package Delivery Driver
  • LTL Drivers
  • Technicians
  • Fleet
  • Plant Engineering
  • Corporate and
  • Sales

As per the analysis, upto 35% of seasonal workers have become permanent workers at UPS. A strong dedication to your work is important to get a full-time opportunity. There are more than 95,000 positions available. Workers can earn $10.20 per hour. Also, they can enjoy a weekly bonus of upto $200.


Teletech is a well-known organization focused on designing, implementing and delivering excellent customer services for small and large businesses. Brands can get support from work-from-home customer agents. If you’re planning to apply for work from home, Teletech is a great choice for you.

Currently, Teletech is hiring more than 250 customer support agents to help brands. Whether you’re planning to work with a customer or client, Teletech has a suitable position for you. Pick the job and start earning great money in less time. Teletech is offering excellent pay for seasonal workers. Every worker can earn more than $10 per hour.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is the one-stop destination to buy toys for kids. The online shopping portal is offering mind-blowing discounts on popular brands such as Barbie, Disney, Funko, LEGO, Marvel and more. 

Interested to kick start your career path with Toys R Us? Yes!!! You’ve made the right decision. Currently, Toys R Us is hiring more than 12,000 seasonal workers to help them out. The Toys R Us have an opening for various positions such as warehouse associate, HR, toy demonstrator, marketer, software developer and order fulfilment agent. If you’re up to work as a seasonal employee at Toys R Us, you can earn upto $10 per hour. Work hard and become a permanent position at Toys R Us. Besides, 15 to 20% of seasonal workers have become full-time employees at Toys R Us.


JCPenny is the leading home decor and furniture platform online.

The company is hiring 40,000 positions to their retail online and offline stores. the brand has more than 875 retail stores in the U.S. If you’re good at collecting cash or expert at sales, apply for a seasonal job at JCPenny and help them to grow dring on the season. Part-time employees can get an instant 5% discount on sitewide orders.  Seasonal employees at JCPenny are earning $11 per hour.


Kohl’s is the leading department store available in the market. The platform is offering great products from various categories – bedding to toys, electronics to fashion. Most of the products listed on Kohl’s are on discounts.

Kohl’s is hiring seasonal employees to help them with various operations. It includes stock merchandise, providing excellent customer support, fulfil online orders, packaging, delivering and more. The number of seasonal employees positions is 2,250. Apply the job at Kohl’s career and get paid $10 per hour.

Air France

Air France is a popular airline around the world. Great news for travel bugs!!! Air France is hiring passenger service agents. The working duration is  6 months. If you’re residing in New York and Florida. If you’re planning to apply for a seasonal job at Air France, you need to commit at least 40 hours every week. A week consists of 5 working days. Workers can receive $15.60 every hour. Sounds amazing right!!! You can earn great money for 6 months.


Want to earn $16 per hour? Yes!!! Look no further than Radial. The platform is planning to give opportunities for more than 20,000 new employees for various positions such as fulfilment, customer service, technology and more. Apply seasonal worker positions at Radial and support this holiday season by providing valuable support. Radial provides a positive work environment that you cannot find anywhere else. Earn $16 every hour as a Radial’s seasonal employee. Also, you can have an opportunity to become a full-time employee at Radials.


 Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. A customer can easily find out the required product at the best price. Amazon has almost everything, a customer can buy fashion clothes and stream videos on the move. As there are multiple services available at Amazon, the platform is looking to expand its manpower in this season. Currently, Amazon is offering 120,000 positions for seasonal workers. The pay structure varies depending on the job role. Simply put, seasonal workers are earning upto $13 per hour. Amazon gives flexible hours to set according to worker desire.


FedEx is the outstanding delivery service available across the world. Currently, FedEx is planning to hire 50,000 seasonal employees. If you’ve experienced packaging or driving, Fed-Ex is the place for you to earn money during this holiday season. There are few back-office functions such as customer service, sales, marketing, billing and more. Pick the best role for you, if you opt for packaging you can earn $12 per hour. Drivers can earn $16 per hour at FedEx.


Feeling bored on holidays? Want to make the most of your holiday time? Yes!!! Become a seasonal worker and earn minimum $10 every hour.

Employees hired during the season time can enjoy multiple benefits such as high salary, flexible working hours, increments, employee discounts and more. As mentioned above there are several opportunities available for seasonal employees. Choose the best company and apply for the job right away according to your interest. You don’t need to invest money to get hired.

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