10 Powerful Tips to Increase Email Open Rate


If you are into marketing then you must have heard about email marketing. Many people think that who would read emails and buy a product. But this is not at all true. People will be shocked to know how much revenue a company can generate through a successful email marketing campaign. There are lots of companies that are dependent on email marketing for their sales. Small businesses earn nearly 80% of their sales through email marketing. This is one of the favorite marketing strategies of marketers all around the world. But you will not be able to generate any income if the customer doesn’t even open your emails. Many companies cannot get full results from their email marketing campaigns because of this. So it is very important to make your customers read the emails you send. 

Here are a few ways in which you can increase email open rate.

Personalized emails

This is probably the most common thing you have heard about email marketing. Personalization of emails is absolutely important if you like it or not. This is one of the most important things if you want to increase your email open rate. Personalized emails make customers feel more valued. They will believe that you really care about them. This will improve your chances of building a good relationship with your customers. So they are more likely to open an email when you send them one.

Attractive headlines

This is something that not many companies actually think about. But it is actually very essential if you want someone to open your emails. Just think about it practically would you read anything if you don’t find the heading interesting most probably not. Then how can you expect your customers to read your emails if they don’t have interesting subject lines? Having great subject lines will make your customers curious and make them want to open your email.

Great deals

It doesn’t matter how personalized the email id the customers are not going to open it if they think they are not getting great deals. Because that is all that a customer cares about at the end of the day. No matter how loyal the customer is they are not going to open the email just because you have sent them one. Your subject line is irrelevant if don’t give them a good deal. Even if they open it you are not going to gain anything. The main purpose of sending emails is to generate income then what is the point of sending one if it doesn’t have the potential to get your customers to buy something.

Short and crisp content

Many people think that they have to be absolutely detailed about the deals they are offering. Because of this, they tend to write emails that are quite long for the attention span of this generation. People don’t spend a lot of time when they are reading an email. So it is a waste of time of you write a long email no matter how good it is. Rather than that, you can just be simple and straightforward with the deal you are offering. This way the customers will get to know what they are getting in a short period of time. 

Make sure your email is optimized for mobile

This is one of the most important things you should do if you want to increase your email open rate. You must make sure that the email you sent is completely compatible with the customer to read on their mobile phones. This is because not a lot of people open their laptops to read emails. Why would they do it if they can read it on their mobile phones?. Frankly, it is very easy to read an email on a mobile phone compared to a desktop or laptop. You can just do it on the go.

Include a call to action button

This is also something that I probably would have heard of. But it is very important to emphasize this. Because most times people may open an email but they don’t read it when they see a link. They feel like it is a big process so they just close it. However, when you include a call to action button it not only catches their attention but also makes the email more attractive.

Refresh your list

Refreshing the list to which the e-mails are to be sent is probably not something people think of. This is because they feel that once a person buys from them they are always going to do it. But this is completely wrong. You have to make sure that you know who is opening your email and who is not. This way you will be able to narrow down your focus on other people who actually care about your services. It will also allow you to focus on reaching potential customers.

Segmentation is important

Segmentation will help you in sending the right type of emails to right people. You cannot send the same email to everyone. If a customer is someone who buys products from you regularly then you have to send them certain types of emails. But if you come across a potential customer then you cannot send the emails that you send to your regular customers. However, it is hard to keep track of every type of customer. So it will be really helpful for you if you just segment your customers according to their importance. 

Choose the right time to send emails

This is something that you should always keep in mind. It doesn’t matter how great the email is the customer is not going to open if the timing is not right. You have to see what are the best times to send an email to the customer. Plan your email marketing campaign when it is a holiday season like Christmas. Not only that but you have to send an email at the right time in the day if you want them to read it.

Make a good first impression

There is no need to tell you how important a good first impression is. It can make or break the deal. You can turn a potential customer into a loyal one if you can make a good first impression. All you have to do is approach them in a friendly way. Don’t be serious about your emails add some humor into them. This will make you more relatable and help you in creating a great impression.


These are few tips for increasing your email open rates. Make sure you use them because they can drastically improve your revenue. Because email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. If you can use this strategy to its fullest potential then it will work wonders for your business.

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