10 Perfect Small Business Ideas for Women

Are you a woman who is not a fan of working 9-5 jobs? Thinking of a startup? Well, you are in the right place…You might feel it difficult to resume going to your office after maternity leave or work under a bad boss. Or you might want to prove yourself as an entrepreneur and make more money.

In the digital age, in which literally anybody can become an entrepreneur, you need not throw yourself forcefully into office.

With the rise in women entrepreneurs in almost every industry, finding inspiration is not a tough task. All you need to have is a profitable idea within your hands to start a small business right away. However, you need not search around to find the right business ideas for women. This article walks you through 10 perfect small business ideas for women. Sounds good? The takeaway is any woman can start her own business and her entrepreneurial journey with whatever she has got then and there.

So, let’s start looking into the best and perfect small business ideas for women.

Become a Freelancer

The best way to start your small business is to set up a freelance business. These days almost every job is available for part-time employees and freelancers. So, no matter where your skills lie, you start freelancing your skills. All you need is a home office to start your business.

So, here are ideas for starting your freelance business:

  • Become a freelance writer: You can offer to Copywrite, blogging, and resume writing services and earn anywhere from $10 to $40 per hour. However, the pay depends on your experience, skills, and the project you work on.
  • Become a proofreader or editor: If you are good at finding mistakes in the content that nobody does, then you make a great proofreader. If you can suggest the changes in the content to make it more effective, then you make a great editor. As an editor, you review and suggest changes in the content written by someone else. Whereas a proofreader needs to finally review the content and make it error-free and ready to publish. So, if you have these skills, you can give a try.
  • Virtual Assistant: This is a high-paying job where you need to assist your clients in their activities such as sending emails, administering, etc.

This way you can choose photography, travel agent, or bookkeeping, that you can do at your home and make money. You can find freelance jobs at websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Contently, Freelancer.com, ProBlogger, etc.

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Start a Blog or Website

Starting a blog or website is one of the smartest small business ideas. All you need to do is pick a profitable niche, cross-check if you are good at it, and launch the blog or website. You can choose any domain such as finance, beauty, health, travel, etc to share your experience or knowledge and make money. You can even make a six-figure income with affiliate links, sponsored posts, ads, and generate passive income once your blog starts getting you money.

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Sell your Crafts

If you have the talent and passion to make crafts or any artworks, you can right away start a crafts business. It just takes to launch a Shopify store and market your products to make lucrative money.

You can make a great income even if you are at creating unique prints on tees or mugs. There are a few websites that let you sell your creativity for better prices, few of which include Etsy, TeeSpring, Amazon Handmade, etc.

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Flip Items

If you are a great bargainer and selling is your talent, then a flipping business may be the right fit for you. You can just buy items online for a lower price at Craigslist, Amazon Marketplace, Facebook Marketplace, and sell them for better prices. This way you can make profits out of those items. You can make even better items by remodeling or presenting the items in a better way.

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Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is somewhat similar to flipping stuff, but you deal here with brand new items. You just need to start a website, buy stuff for wholesale for the lowest price, and sell them to your customers for profit. You just need a website domain, host, partnership with delivery services, and good rapport with wholesale retailers to start and make money with this business.

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Offer Services to Neighborhood

If you don’t mind offering services such as babysitting, pet walking, house cleaning, then you can actually make some good amount of money doing works you love. All you need to do let people know that you are available for such specific services. You can even sign up for websites such as Rover to market yourself online. This way you can make money in your spare time.

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Become an Affiliate Marketer

Do you have a blog or good followers on any of social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter? Yes? Then you can actually make money influencing your audience. Pick an affiliate program that is related to your niche and your followers or traffic and start promoting the products with affiliate links. You get a commission when people make purchases through your links.

If your follower count is huge you can even reach brands for collaborations and become a micro-influencer and later grow into an influencer.

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If you love teaching kids, then start an online tutoring business to replace your income. You can simply sign up for websites such as VipKids, Tutur.com, and start tutoring the subjects you excel in or foreign languages if know any.

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Sell Online Courses

Got immense knowledge on a particular subject? Then, you can make millions of dollars selling your knowledge. All you need to do is prepare an online course in which you excel and sell it online. Any subject such as digital marketing, designing, crafting, hacking, can help you make money. However, you need to learn a lot about creating a course before you start.

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Become a Life Coach

Can you guide or train people to lead their life smoothly? Do you have experience working as a life coach or advisor before? Have certifications a life coach should have? Then you can become one and make handsome money. Relax, if you have don’t have certifications or experience, you can learn about them online in no time if you love to deal with people and bring out the best from them.

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Bottom Line

There are tons of small business ideas for women, all you need is proper planning and patience to shine as a successful entrepreneur. However, you can start a business right away and grow by trying and learning new things. The only thing you need to ensure is if you have an emergency fund needed for at least 6 months to make a living and for emergencies if you are the only working-member in your family. Else, you might need to take loans and end up repaying most of your money for debts.

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