10 Money Making Apps That Will Help You Earn On The Go

Are you in need of money? No matter how much you earn in the last week of the month is still hard. Then it is time you pick up a side hustle that will help you in earning money on go.

Curious? Wanna know the interesting methods to earn money then check out these money-making apps. Maybe you will find something that will help in earning money for you. 

Let’s go!!!


Have you heard of survey apps that help you in making money? Yes. But there are both legit and scammers. So one must be careful in choosing the right platform to make good money. If you’re looking for a way to make money from the go then Swagbucks is the perfect app for you. To date, they have paid around $447,860,069. The way to earn money through this platform is to watch videos, answer surveys, and shop online. Once you do that you will earn points. If you collect enough you can redeem those points for cash or free gift cards of popular retailers such as Walmart or Amazon. When you redeem points for cash, it will be paid through Paypal.


This is also another survey platform that will help you in earning money on the go. Yup, you heard it right. The perfect way to earn money through this platform is doing day-to-day activities such as shopping, watching videos, playing games. Apart from that, you can earn money by taking surveys. Sounds cool, right? You can also get paid for reading emails. To date, InboxDollars has paid $59 million in cash to its users. So you will receive points whenever you perform these tasks. Once you have enough points you can redeem them for cash. Also if you sign up you will get a bonus of $5. Simply put, InboxDollar has made making money easy and simple. 

Survey Junkie

Third platform in a row that will help you in earning money through surveys. You can become an influencer and share your opinion about a particular brand or service on Survey Junkie. This way you will earn money and also help companies improve their products with your opinions. All you have to do is take surveys and earn points. Once you earn enough you can redeem them as either e-card or as cash through PayPal. But before that, you must build a solid profile. Based on this profile you will be given surveys. Simply put, you will receive surveys that match your profile. 

MyPoints Survey

Have you ever thought you can earn money by sharing your opinions? Never? Apparently, you can earn money like that too. MyPoints is a platform that allows people to earn money or free gift cards by taking surveys, answering questions. Simply put, by sharing their opinions on different topics. Every time you finish a survey you will earn points. As soon as you have enough you can surely cash out them for free gift cards or add them to your PayPal account. From fashion to automobiles there is a wide variety of topics on which you will receive survey questions. 


Compared to other platforms on the list, this app is pretty clear and straightforward. This is a perfect app for someone who likes cash-rebates. Yup, you heard it right. Ibotta is an app that will get you back the money you spent. It is also an excellent way of earning money, don’t you agree. Saving is also a form of earning. All you have to do is check the app for the available offers, and then upload your receipt and you will earn cashback. Once it reaches $20 you can redeem it through PayPal.


Do you love shopping? Whenever you come across a new dress online do you immediately buy it? Then your closet must be filled with clothes. As you frequently shop there are chances that you will miss out on lots of clothes that are stuck in the deepest corners of your closet. If you don’t clean up your closet. How can you buy new clothes? Wanna know a secret on how to declutter your closet? Sell your personal items like purse, accessories, and clothes on Poshmark. Yup, you heard it right you can earn good money by selling your unused clothes. What are you waiting for? Raid your closet and remove all the old clothes and make space for new.


Do you not have any old clothes that you want to sell but still wanna make money? Then how about Airbnb. This platform is also truly amazing; it lets you rent space to people. Cool right? If you have an extra room then feel free to put it on Airbnb. Many people look for vacation homes or stay in homes while traveling. So you can earn money with extra space in your home. Apart from earning money, you can also meet cool people. You can make money even while you’re on vacation. 


Do you have a habit of saving all your old items? Yes, then your house must be cluttered. You see when you have clutter around you, it is not good for your house or you. What is the point of saving your old phone or old camera when you already have a new one? Think about it. If you want to declutter your house and make squeaky clean then sell all your old stuff on Declutter. From books to electronics you can sell everything here. Sell and make money instantly. 


Have you ever thought of earning money by becoming a driver? Nope, then you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity. This side hustle will give you money instantly. If you have a car then you can become a driver part-time, pick and drop people to their desired location. You can do it on your way back home or on weekends. As you see everybody will be in the mood to party and it is your best time to earn some solid cash. 


This is another interesting app where you can sell anything. From used cars to furniture you can sell anything locally. Also as you’re selling locally you don’t have to worry about shipping too. All you have to do is meet the other party and exchange items for money. Simple right?

Wrapping up 

These are a few money-making apps that will help you in earning good money. So if you’re someone looking for ways to extra bucks then check out articles in the make money section.

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