10 Legit Online Jobs for Students To Earn Money

Graduating is not that easy, you will have many things to look after like buying books, fees, and studying, of course. At the same time, you will also have enough time to make money in college which is helpful for your future studies. In fact, starting a side hustle right when you are a student benefits you in a lot many ways.

So, if you have decided to find a part-time job, you are on the right track. There are many online jobs you could do at home and make money. This article walks you through 10 legit online jobs for students to make money. You can choose one among them and start earning money even before you start your career.

Luckily, there are ways to turn your part-time online job into a more favorable one. You can either make more money choosing the same as your career (you know you will gain huge experience by the time you finish your college) or can start a business with your expertise. However, take the first step now, things will come together over time.

So, here are 10 online jobs you can start right away.

Online Tutor

Start your hustle simple. Online tutoring is one of the easiest and effective ways to make money as a student. So, you can choose to tutor subjects or languages you are good at to other students or kids. Both ways you can earn lucrative money. All you need to do is to let people know that you are available as a tutor. You can do this by signing up for websites like VIPKid, Tutor.com, and promoting through word of mouth.

You can expect to earn$12 to $32 per hour based on your skills and experience.

Data Entry

If you are someone with fast fingers on the keyboard, then this might be the right job for you. Mostly data entry requires you to type text from different files to plain documents or vice versa. So, if you have great typing speed, this is definitely a good way to start as a beginner. Although the pay for a beginner starts from $5 per hour, you can still consider it as you can set and raise your charges once you gain a good experience.

You can find a number of data entry jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Flexjobs, Capital Typing, etc. Remember you do not need to pay a penny for getting a job. Beware of scams when you are applying for jobs on crowded job portals.


Well, if you are passionate about writing or sharing your knowledge, blogging is the right option for you. Yeah, you could make money blogging, but you will have to wait for some time (maybe for a few months). All you need to do is pick a profitable niche (make sure you are good at writing content for it), plan your strategy to monetize, and launch it.

3 ways you can monetize your blog are ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsoring posts. Of course, three ways lets make you money but you need to drive notable organic traffic to your site first. Thousands of bloggers are making a great income from blogging alone.

Social Media Manager

If you love having fun around social media networks and have knowledge of how marketing works, then you can straight away become a social media manager. A social manager is responsible for strategizing content, creating graphics, scheduling posts, and improving brand awareness. So, if you feel you can do this, start reaching out to local businesses who you feel need you. You can also find some legit jobs on Facebook business groups and job portals like Indeed or Flexjobs.

Freelance Writer

An alternative for starting a blog and make money is becoming a freelance writer. There are tons of writing jobs available as most businesses need content to promote their products. Also, the pay is decent for a freelance writer. However, that depends on skills and experience again. You can find freelance writing jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Contently, and many other websites.


Most companies need editors and proofreaders as much as they need writers. It is proofreaders who finally review the content before publishing, hence there is an equal demand for editors and proofreaders. Also, bloggers and authors who deal with a lot of content every day also need proofreaders to publish error-free articles.

You can find the best proofreading jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, Proofreading Services, People Per Hour, etc.

Virtual Assistant

If you can have good time management skills and able to assist someone without any hassle, then a Virtual assistant job is one more way to start earning money. As a virtual assistant, you will perform tasks like sending emails, maintaining employers’ social media accounts, writing content, etc. So, it is one of the interesting jobs as you will deal with different kinds of tasks in a day.

There are plenty of virtual assistant jobs on Priority VA, Virtual Assistant USA, REVA Global, and other websites.


The other easier and an interesting job you could from home is transcription. All you need to do is hear an audio file and type the same on a document. Converting audio files into text is what a transcriptionist does. So, if you have good typing skills, you can apply for this role and make money in your flexible schedule.

You can find jobs that pay you for typing audio to text on Fiverr, TranscribeMe, Rev, Audio Transcription Center, etc.

Survey Taker

If you want to invest a little time on a side hustle and focus more on your studies yet make money, then you could go nowhere but paid survey sites. There are many survey sites that pay you for just providing your opinions. All you need to do is sign up for a bunch of paid survey sites, and take surveys whenever you are free. This way you can make money even during your relaxation breaks. Although you don’t earn chunks of money, you can’t ignore this option as well.

Search Engine Evaluator

Last but not least, do you know search engines like Google, Bing pay you money for finding any irrelevant search results? Yes, you can find such jobs on websites like Lionbridge, Leapforce, etc. All you have to do is search for different terms and find if the results are relevant and rate the relevancy.

Bottom Line

Thus like the above, there are many online jobs that help you earn money without any experience. However, we found this list as legit. Hopefully, if you can choose the right job and work consistently and gain experience, you can choose it as your career and make more money or start a small business. However, take some time, plan your time for work, and choose which one suits better for your scenario.

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