10 Legit Online Jobs for College Students


Fabulous news for all the students out there!!!

Want to earn pocket money? Yes!!! You’re on the right track. With a legit online job, you can make money at the comfort of your home. Students are earning billions of dollars through online jobs. It’s no surprise there are multiple options available in the market, finding a genuine job can be a difficult task for a newbie. Our team has researched and shortlisted the legit online job, especially for college students.

Following are the hand-picked online legit jobs for college students

Online Tutor

Are you a university topper? You might think everyone around you is performing well. But the fact is many students are struggling harder to pass their exams. Help the needy!!! Start providing tuition to those students who are struggling with their academics. Teaching them what you already know is simple and easy. Don’t stop with your fellow students, you can expand the chances by teaching to school students as well. There are popular tutor platforms such as Tutor.com and Wyzant, create an account and teach students and people across the globe. As per the analysis, tutors are earning $13 to $20 per hour.

Search Engine Evaluator

It’s no surprise the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo reply on online users. They collect feedback from every user and update it on their ranking algorithms to server online users better. 

If you have a degree and knowledge on computer and the search engines. This job is for you. Become a search engine evaluator and make money. You need to analyze the search results and ensure the results are accurate and relevant. As a search engine evaluator, you need to conduct deep research and write a feedback report and help search engine to improve their search results. Create an account at Leapforce and Lionbridge right away. Search engine evaluators are earning upto $15 per hour.

Social Media Manager

People spend most of their time on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and the list continues. As a student, you might be aware of social platform importance in these modern days. Apart from connecting people on the corner of the globe, social media is helping business and individuals to earn money. If you’re a social media freak and have millions of followers to your account, then it’s time to turn your social profile as a revenue stream. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Become a social media manager and improve brand awareness for an organization. Build communities for your brand on Facebook, Instagram and other social media interact and engage with these communities. Apply the job at Upwork and get a high-paying salary. As per the analysis, the social media manager are earning upto $40 per hour.

Book flipper

Academic books are expensive!!! Students pay hundreds of dollars to purchase a single textbook. After passing the examination, these books remain useless for them. Spending hundreds of dollars and throwing it on your bookshelf is not a good thing. Few students sell textbooks to their university and earn a few dollars, but you can earn more than that at bookselling websites. Bookscouter is one of the popular bookselling websites for the students. Apart from buying academic books at discounted prices they can also sell them and earn hundreds of dollars. Login to Bookscouter and sell your books right away.

Online writing

Earning thousands of dollars per month without investment is a dream for many. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! The dream can come true through online writing. If you’ve passionate about writing short stories and have great grammatical skills, this job will work perfectly for you. Freelance writers are earning upto $200,000 per year. Simply put, freelance writing is a flexible approach to earn money while studying your degree. Set your own working schedule and work according to your convenience. Create a profile at job portals such as LinkedIn or Upwork and get hired by top companies for content writing or content editing position.

Product reviewer

Are you the person who always try buying new products? Share your new experience with your friends or family members? If your answer is YES, then you can become a product reviewer and make good money from it. There are plenty of opportunities on LifePoint and InboxDollars for product reviewers. Register to these websites and wait for the right client to hire you. Once you’ve got hired, you can start writing the product reviews for their products. You can also share your product review on website, blog, survey or social channels. 

Resume writer

A resume is a powerful tool for marketing yourself. It outlines your educational background, work expereince, skills, personal information and more. If you can make an effective resume that can stand out then you can easily turn it into a profitable method. Help your friends and others to write their resume. Also, you can help them by extending your services to “resume proofreading”, this will make sure their resume is error-free and can be sent to the employer.

Online survey

Did you know that there are hundreds of paid online survey available in the market? Yes!!! The top market research companies are now recruiting people around the world to fill-out surveys. These companies rely on survey takers who would like to share their opinions. 

Register yourself on Swagbuck and earn money by filling out the survey. Swagbuck is the legit paid survey website. As per reports, they have paid more than $600,000,000 as rewards to Swagbuck members across the world. The rewards can be playing online games, watching videos, online orders and more.


People often visit new places during their free time. They face many problems while travelling to a new place. One of the common problems is language. They’re unable to communicate with the new people because they don’t know the language. Not everyone can know every language. If you’re expert in your second language, translator job will make good money for you. Businesses are looking for translators during their business events. You don’t need a bachelor degree to become a translator. All you need to know how to read, write and speak the language. Login to Translate.com and get a high-paying job within a short period of time.

Data entry

Data entry is a stress-free job!!! Don’t you agree? Yes!!! Data entry job is one of the popular earning money ways for students. High school students are earning upto $17 per hour. The data entry jobs are available on various websites such as Clickworkers and The Smart Crowd. Create your profile and get your name shortlisted in no time. Keep a note, you don’t need a bachelor degree or experience letter to get qualify, but you need to type at least 60 words per minute with excellent accuracy.


Wondering how to make money while you’re studying? Thanks to the internet!!! There are several opportunities to earn money for college students. You don’t need to waste your time on switching to one tab to another to find the best legit online job for you. Follow the above-mentioned legit online job and make good money from it.

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