10 Gig Economy Jobs Smart People are Using to Make Extra Money

Many people often misunderstand about the gig economy. They think the gig economy as limited side hustling. Also, thy mistake every time as part-time jobs generate low income. If you’re one among them, it’s time to change your perspective. If you’re a content writer or babysitter, there are thousands of gig economy jobs available across the world. Since there are thousands of job portals available in the market, you just cannot trust everyone. If you’re looking for gig economy jobs, then continue reading…

Our team has analysed and revealed the 10 gig economy jobs smart people are using to earn passive income

Deliver groceries, food and other things

Owning a car or bike is the key to earn income in the gig economy. As the delivery jobs are often popping up in the market. Postmate is one of the popular food destinations in the market. There are tons of delivery drivers are earning money on their preferred schedule. If you have a driving licence and vehicle to deliver the groceries or daily essentials, the delivery job is for you. Join to Postmate and start earning extra money. Once you’ve delivered the items to the customer, you can check for the next request, the earning will depend on the number of deliveries you’ve done.


It’s no surprise freelancing is the well-know gig economy job. In fact, there are thousands of options available to find the right work. These days, freelancing has become more and more popular because of social isolation. There are few popular freelancing services available such as FlexJobs, Upwork and SolidGigs. These services have a great connection across the worldwide clients. The most common freelancing jobs are content writer, web designer, developer, digital marketer, social media manager and project manager. With respect to your skill, experience and expertise, choose the perfect freelance work and make money. The ability to stay focused and earn money as a freelancer is one of the best assets that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Deep learning

Want to earn $115.6 per hour? Yes!!! Deep learning is the best option for you. The work is simple and easy. Let’s discuss!!! Deep learning is completed based on the idea of building self-teaching systems. It uses either voice recognition or image identification algorithm to decide to choose the best option for online user. Here, the system will learn from deep learners and use this approach for predictions in the future. If you’re up to work in the deep learning field, you need to have a bachelor degree in Computer Science. Also, good knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C++, etc. Finding the job is easy with LinkedIn, create a LinkedIn account and apply for the jobs that are currently posted. Get a high paying job right away.

Earn money sharing your car

Don’t have enough time to earn passive income? No worries, let your car do the job for your extra money. Renting your car to other drivers is an effective way to make money. Getaround is one of the popular rental services available, the service will let you earn money by renting your vehicle to needy. Create an account in Getaround and make the gig economy without working. You don’t need to worry about your car. Getaround offers an insurance policy in case of damage.

Design custom products

No matter whether you’re a fashion designer or expert in making hand made jewellery, you can earn a great commission on the product that you’ve designed get sold-out. Print Village is the leading fabric design company, as a designer you can earn a good commission at comfortably. The commission will entirely depend on you, think creatively while choosing the design for customers to earn amazing commissions.

If you design a custom handmade products, Etsy is the best place to showcase your product. Customers can view your designs on Etsy and place an order. Hurray!!! You can earn money while sleeping.


Photographs preserve memories!!! If you love capturing the pictures then you’re lucky enough to earn extra money. All you need to have a high-quality camera and capture great pictures. Become a freelance photographer and capture good pictures at the wedding, social event and more.

 The internet has bought many opportunities for you to sell the work and make money. The opportunities range from selling your pictures to merchandise – sell stock photos on Shutterstock. Explore the world, capture beautiful images and create engaging pictures at your home.


Are you a professional chef? There are thousands of options available for you. Let’s get started with your own catering business, prepare mouth-watering food and earn money. Also, you can apply for a job at top restaurants and work to make extra money. You can extend your services who require a chef for a special event. Visit HireAChef website and check out the best offer that is suitable for your skills and experience. Healthy earning and tasty dining become important for the modern lifestyle. Therefore, it can be better kick-start as a culinary freelancer. 


Marketing plays a significant role in a small and large business. As the marketing strategies are helped to sell their products or services. If you’ve great knowledge about marketing then a high paying job is waiting for you. Also, being an influencer on social platforms with millions of followers help you to get connected with a wider audience during promoting the product. Whenever a user purchases a product or books a service, you will earn a small percentage of commission on the referred sale.

Mystery shopping

Few people misunderstand mystery shopping is completely a scam if you’re among those people, your wrong. It’s a legitimate job to make extra money. People are earning on their shopping bills, they’re excited. All they are shopping at an online website and filling their reports. Also, you can earn by referring your friends or family members to shop at online shopping platforms.


Babysitting is the traditional gig economy job. This job is for everyone, whether you’re a teenager or adult, becoming a babysitter is easy than ever. Many working parents seek for babysitters to take care of their children. Few special websites such as Care.com help to connect with parents and babysitter. Creating an account at Care.com is free, login and allow the parents to find you. Connect with the parents and set rates and working hours. 


If you’re the person who quit your traditional job and working from home with your own terms – You’re absolutely SMART. Check these top 10 gig economy jobs smart people are using to make money. Depending upon your interest, skills and expertise, pick the best job for you.

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