10 Free Things To Do When You’re Out of Ideas

Are you looking for free things? Yes, then you’re at the right place. People usually search for free things when they either have no money left or when they’re desperately trying to save money. Whatever your case is, this free things list is just for you.

Here are 10 free things to do when you’re out of ideas.

Fill out Surveys 

Not only saving money but earning is also an art. Yup, when you run out of ideas how about, taking up free surveys to earn money. It is a quick gig that will bring you money just for sharing your opinions. You will just have to fill out the surveys to earn money. Although this is not the get rich quick type of survey but still making money in your free time is not a bad idea right? There are sites like Swagbucks where you can take the online survey and gather the reward points and cash them when you have enough. 


Volunteering is a noble way of spending your free time. You can lend your help to your local NGOs. It will deepen your view of the world. Not everybody likes going out or spending money. Most people do it because either they have nothing else to do or they just go with the plans of their friends. But instead of spending away from your money on the weekend, for a change try spending time with people in the homeless shelters or any other NGO near you. You will find a different side of life you never knew. 

Clearing out the attic

Not a paid gig but still clearing out the attic or garage is the best way to spend your free time. Because cleaning and taking out all useless stuff will sometimes clear your creative blockage. For years everything you treasure but never uses goes into your garage or attic. SO take this free time to clear out and clean it up, so that you can use that space more effectively. Not only attic you can also declutter your house. After gathering then divide the clutter into recyclable and non-recyclable. With the recyclable stuff like soda cans, you can take it to the local recycling company. In some states, they pay you money for that recyclable stuff.


What do you think about using your free time to analyze your expenses? Sounds boring!!!  But frankly, it is not as boring as you see, it is a free thing that will help you in saving money. Having an idea about your finances is truly important and you will also agree to this point. You would also like to have extra cash to spend on your favorite stuff right? So then budgeting is perfect. Create your budget, sit down, and list all your expenses and incomes to understand the inflow and outflow of your income. So use this time to learn how to keep a track of your budget. 

Animal Walking 

If you have pets then walking them is the best free thing. Also, this is one of the best free things that will bring you extra cash. See when you’re out of things to do, finding a new side hustle can help you earn some money and spend your time more wisely. Pet walking is one such side-hustle that is both fun and rewarding. If you love spending time with animals, then you can pet-sit your neighbor’s animals when they’re out. This way you can hang out with pets and earn money. There are many pet sitting websites you can try out.

Play (games) for money 

Who doesn’t love spending time playing games? You must already enjoy playing right? Whenever you have free time you dive into the game world to burn some energy. What if you can earn money by playing games in your free time. It is both fun and rewarding. So why not try it? There are free sites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollar, where you can take surveys or play games to earn some cash. 

Delivering stuff 

This is also another side hustle that will get you money. You can become a delivery person or drive your car around and earn cash. Truly interesting right? You get to meet new people and live a new experience and earn money. If you enjoy taking long drives, on the way you can give a ride to people and share your car. It is truly an enlightening idea, right? So why not try it.

Become an influencer 

Do you enjoy social media? Then why not become a social media influencer, create short videos, and increase your popularity. Once you build your online community. Brands will approach you to promote their products. Many brands will also offer you free products and ask for your feedback. So in your free time work on increasing your online following and work on producing interesting content. This is truly an excellent free thing that will bring money. 

Visit a museum or library 

It is truly a great idea to improve your knowledge in your free time. Yup visiting a library or museum is truly the best way to spend your free time. If your area has a library or a museum spend your free time there. Because they influence your life positively and fill you with positive energy. Spending time with your books and understanding the rich history, culture and civilization are also interesting. Learning in a library is free, without spending a penny you can learn stuff here. All you need to do is open a book and you will reach a different world at different times.

Youtube Channel 

This last idea is definitely cool, how about creating your Youtube channel. If you’re comedically gifted or have any other skills that you would like to share with the world this is a perfect chance and platform. Create your Youtube channel and dedicate it to creating content you are interested in. Be it talking about books or painting, singing, and dancing, or any other skill that you feel is worth sharing with thousands of people. Youtube is a great platform to express yourself and earn good money on the side.

Wrapping up 

These are just a few of the free things you can do when you run out of ideas. You can try these interesting side hustles or develop a new hobby or give your life a new direction. As long as you have determination you can achieve anything that you wish for. By the way, are you looking for interesting ways to make money? Then check out our new articles and you may find a side hustle that may interest you. 

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