10 Flexible Ways to Make Money in College

Are you a college student? Do the allowance you receive every month enough for you? No, right? There are many reasons why students need more money. That is the reason why most of them pick up part-time jobs to earn some extra cash. Having extra income is a good thing. You can pay your rent, sometimes take yourself out on dinner dates or have the occasional night out’s with friends. If you’re smart enough you can start your savings account right from college. You’re never too young to start making savings right?

What do you think? Do you wanna make extra money while you’re still in college? Yes, then you’re in the right place. Stick till the end to find out.

Here are 10 different ways to make money in college.

Sell your old books

As you’re a student then let’s start with the idea of making money from the resources available near you. Yup, as a student one of the most important resources for you is your books. But once the semester is over they become nothing but space occupiers in your room. Either you will place them in a carton and stuff them in the farthest end of your room or simply leave them to scatter across the room. But what if you can make money out of them? Yup, you can make money out of them you just simply have to sell the old books. There are many sites like BookScouter where you can sell your old textbooks, novels, etc. So check out such sites and sell the books once the semester ends. 


Do you like pets? You can spend hours with them without getting bored then dog-walking is the perfect job for you. Also if you’re staying in college it is quite hard to have a dog most importantly it is quite expensive too. So by a dog- sitting you can play with dogs while earning money. You find gigs on Facebook or find posters in the area or hear about the job from your friends. However, there is another way to get a dog-sitting gig. Sign up with companies like Rover, this way you will be easily connected with the dog owners who are looking for a job in your area. You can select what services you will be paying. But you must pay Rover $25 for background check fees.

Freelance writer 

If you’re some who enjoys writing and can spin interesting stories with words then freelance writing is also an interesting way to earn money. If you have acquainted yourself with this side hustle, you can continue doing it after college too. All you have to do is find your niche and the topics that you’re interested in and then find the relevant companies or blogs and approach them. If you’re seriously good at this you can make this your main job in the future too. But before anything else make sure that you research and figure out the industry before diving in.

Start a blog 

If you have an interesting niche to write about and are looking for more than freelance writing. You can start a blog and document all your interesting topics in it. Write about a problem that is plaguing everyone or about finances or beauty. But make sure to cover only topics that you’re expert in. You can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. This is a way in which you’re promoting the products and services of major brands and you will receive a commission for doing it.

Tutor others 

If you’re an ace in studies then you can make money by tutoring your peers. Yup, you teach your classmates or students of lower grades. This is one of the foolproof methods to make money while in college. You can really improve your knowledge while making some money. It is just that to obtain the job you can either post on your social media or get the job through a reference.

Design and sell T-shirts

If you’re someone with designing talent. Then why not use it to earn some money? The main part of selling t-shirts is finding a designer. But if you’re a designer then 50% of your issues can be put to rest. So once you have come up with designs then buy some shirts print them and slowing sell them on your social media platforms. If the word of mouth is good more and more people will start taking an interest and you can make some good money.

Youtube channel 

YouTubers make good money if they put in the effort. So if you’re someone with exceptional skills like painting, makeup, or comic timing then you can start your own channel and reach more people. The more people view your channel the more you will be popular you will get and slowly more people will start subscribing to your channel and ultimately you will be able to earn money. But the important thing is that your channel should have creative content that is not available anywhere else. 

Teaching assistant 

There are plenty of jobs available on campus. Yup, you don’t have to go extreme means to earn money. You can become an itching assistant. Your responsibilities in this role are the same as a professor. You will help the students in the lab, teach lower-level classes, grade papers. So if you want to become a TA you can consult with your professors, they will have requirements and if you fulfill them you can get the position.


As a college student, you can earn money by becoming a librarian in your on-campus library. Yup, this one of the easiest ways to earn money. But to get the job you must fulfill the requirements. As a part of your job, you will be helping students in finding books, restock books, check out books. You will definitely receive the minimum wage for your services. 

Work at restaurant 

This is another job that will pay you good money. There are a variety of jobs available in a restaurant from cashier to jobs in the kitchen. So if you want to earn some money, whenever you find a hiring sign in front of a restaurant just go and check out. Apply, give an interview, and secure your job. 

Wrapping up 

These are the few ways in which a college student can earn some money. But these are only some of them. Earning some extra cash is always good. It will make you independent and help you in understanding the value of the money. Check out other interesting articles on money-making to find other interesting side hustles.

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