10 Data Entry Jobs From Home

Looking for data entry jobs? Then you’re in the right place. Stick till the end to find out good remote data entry jobs.


This is one of the popular job searching platforms that will help you in finding jobs. You can check out this platform whenever you’re looking for new opportunities. Apart from full-time job opportunities, you will also find remote opportunities. Also, the best part about flexjobs is that they have a separate section to data entry jobs. You must pay a certain amount to use this platform, it is definitely worth it because you will be able to find hundreds of jobs and you can be assured that all the jobs they have are legit.

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UpWork is a popular site for freelancers. So if you’re looking for Data entry jobs then this platform is perfect for you. There are plenty of remote data entry jobs you can find out. Complete your profile on the UpWork and they will highlight the jobs that are perfect for you. Also if you want to find more jobs then you can find them manually on the platform too.

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Capital Typing

This is an outsourcing company that primarily focuses on the transcription and data entry positions. In the Capital Typing platform, you will find the jobs section. Here you can easily find the currently available positions and the salary they’re offering. So if you’re someone looking for the data entry jobs with a good salary then you can try out this platform and get your desired job.

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Working solution

It is one of the best home agent companies and you can be assured that they are relevant as they have excellent reviews on Glassdoor. They offer various jobs including data entry jobs. All you have to do is fill out the application and then you have to finish the further assessments. Once you finish the application then they will contact you within 2 weeks to inform you whether you have been accepted or not. If you’re accepted then you can check out all the jobs available and once you find a good match you can apply for them. 

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Axion Data Entry Services

This is a legit company that will help you in getting Data Entry jobs. But one important thing is that you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in data entry. Along with that your typing speed should be 50WPM and also make sure that it has zero errors. And also they will not pay you monthly wise, you will be paid by the project. So if you finish a project quickly, you will receive payment quickly. Cool, right? And also the faster you pay the higher your pay for an hour will go. But one thing that you must remember is that you must pay a small fee to stay on the database of Axion. Whenever there is a job opening you will receive a message from them. 

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Confused why a coupon and cashback website is being mentioned here. No worries let us explain to you. This is particularly for people staying in the colorado. Ibotta only accepted people who live there, even if it is a remote job. So if you’re someone who stays in Colorado and looking for remote data entry jobs then this is perfect for you. The jobs are filled up pretty quickly. So you must keep an eye on their jobs page to be the first one to find their job opportunities. They are offering pay of $10/hour and this is the pay for part-time. So if you’re a mom who is planning to restart her career after a break then this opportunity is perfect for you. As you can earn good money while taking care of your kids. 

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DataPlus is a company that offers services such as database programming, data entry, etc. This is a traditional data entry company. So if you’re looking for data entry jobs then this company is perfect for you. If you join as an independent contractor then you will be paid per project and your fees will be based on the speed with which you can finish the job. Simply put, if you have finished work fast then you will be paid more. So work as fast as you can to make more money.

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With SigTrack you will not be working all year. This is mostly based on the petition season. So if you’re looking for an opportunity around that season then this job is perfect for you. And it is perfect for people looking for seasonal jobs. For all through the year, you can carry out other jobs and still work on this one at the peak time. You will receive your money through PayPal and the amount will be paid based on your accuracy. So you must finish the task accurately as your work is mainly focused on the voters. You have to check the petition signers or voters or process the registration or some other related forms. 

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You can sign for free on this platform. All you have to do is finish your profile and then complete the short assessments that will prove your abilities. The available jobs will completely depend on the performance on the site. So naturally, if you perform well you will earn more. And you will be paid monthly or weekly through PayPal. Sign for this platform and look through the available jobs that will match your requirements and bring you good earnings. 

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Gorge Warehouse.com

The primary work you will be doing for this company will be mostly posting on the internal databases and websites. You can be worry-free as Gorge Warehouse hires a lot of remote workers, so if you have the necessary skills you can definitely make it. All they need from you is the ability to type 30 words for a minute and you will receive a payment of $10.50/hour. Lastly, this is also the type of job where you will receive more pay if you finish the job faster. 

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Wrapping up 

These are a few platforms that are offering you good remote working data entry jobs. So check out these websites and earn good money.

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