10 Best Sites to Find Work-From-Home Jobs

Are you searching for work from home jobs? Whether you are a mom looking for stay-at-home-mom jobs or someone who wants to just escape the office commute, vehicle tear-and-gear expenses etc. then you have come to the right place. This article walks you through the 10 best sites to find work-from-home jobs.

Working from home jobs have more benefits than working in the office. You do not have to travel, buy lunch outside, shop officewear and save money on different things. Although you should work with the same dedication and commitment no matter where you are working, of course, you have the freedom to wear comfy clothes and look after your kid. After all, work is work anywhere, right? However, as working from home has become more trending because it is flexible, time and money-saving, you can find a lot of opportunities. So, let’s look into where you can find such opportunities.

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Indeed is one of the popular, legit and the best job portals to find jobs in any domain for free. All you have to do is sign up and search for a job with the title you are interested in. The site lists all kinds of jobs such as remote, part-time, full-time and contract jobs. So, you need to filter selecting remote jobs or you can just type “remote” in the “Where” box. You will see a list of jobs you are looking for. You can click “Apply”, submit your CV and wait for employers to contact you.

Make sure you also provide your updated professional information. So that you will get the most relevant jobs.


Flexjobs is a  website dedicated completely to remote jobs listing. You can find verified full-time & part-time jobs, freelance jobs to work from anywhere. However, it is not a free platform, you need to pay $14.95/month for finding the legit jobs. But that is all worthy to pay as the company verifies each job posted on the portal and only lists the safe and legit job posting. This way you do not fall prey for any scams.

The best part is the site offers up to 50% discounts at most times in a year. So, you can buy a membership for lower costs.

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Remote OK

Remote OK is one of the top remote job boards and has over 1,000,000 remote workers on the platform. You need to just sign up, create your portfolio, search and apply for the jobs you are looking for. In case, you are a fresher or don’t know what career to choose, you have plenty of options to explore and decide. Additionally, the site updates “today’s remote jobs” every day, so that you can get access to fresh postings each day. From non-tech to software development you can jobs in every category.

Though there are plenty of options to spoil you, the site is pretty easy to navigate through.


The other site where you can find tons of jobs to apply is ZipRecruiter. You can simply sign up for the job portal and search the jobs with job title or related keywords. Also, select “Remote” in the location box and search. You can get the latest job posting sent to your inbox by activating their job alerts.

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Glassdoor is also a legit job portal to find jobs you are looking for. Although Glassdoor is known for searching reviews of employers and other info like salary, company culture etc, it also has a wide range of job listings. Just sign up and start hunting remote jobs by typing “Remote” in the location box.


AngelList has the world’s largest startup community in which you can find a great number of start-ups and fast-growing companies to work. Like Glassdoor, you can see salaries and also stock option details of companies. The best part is you can directly talk to the employers as AngelList doesn’t allow third-party recruiters. This way you can save a lot of time finding the right job.

Also, the site makes your job hunting much easy and interesting. You can just star the job postings you love to work for, in the same way, employers can also star job seekers they want to work with. Thus if there occurs a match you will be automatically invited to proceed with the application process. This way you do not spend much time to apply each job and submit your CV.


Jobspresso is a great website to find work from home jobs. Because it only lists the remote jobs that you can work from anywhere. You can find tech, customer support, marketing and many other remote jobs on the portal. Just browse jobs and apply for whichever you feel suits your skills.


Remotive is the best place to get productive remotely as its name says. So, you can find completely remote jobs on the portal. You can just search with job title or browse jobs in your domain and find the right job for you. However, though it has a huge listing of remote jobs, few of the companies that are hiring need people from particular places. So, check it before you apply for the jobs. Of course, not only with Remotive, this happens for most of other job boards also.

Working Nomads

With numerous remote job boards available, finding remote jobs isn’t any difficult, right? Here is another website known as Working Nomads for digital working nomads. Sign up and browse jobs you are interested in. Again you can find jobs in any category such as development, marketing, customer success, HR etc.

Skip the Drive

As the name says, you can skip the drive and work at home. Browse jobs by categories and click “apply” for the right jobs. The jobs, though redirect to other job portals. However, you can find the best remote jobs on a single platform. So, it is worth giving a try.

Bottom Line

Finding the right job takes some time though you have many job portals available just at your fingertips. This might hurt you financially if you have cash shortfalls, so try finding a temporary job to manage your expenses. You can find a number of freelance writing jobs, proofreader jobs, virtual assistant jobs on freelance sites such as Fiverr, Upwork etc. This way you can at least do not rush to land a job that doesn’t satisfy in the future.

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