10 Best Selling Apps to Sell Stuff Online

Looking for the best places to sell your stuff online? Well, with the increase in online selling platforms, selling has become much easier. You don’t need to go around to find online marketplaces, there are tons of apps and websites that help you sell your products. Moreover, selling stuff is the easiest and quickest way to make money to pay your bills or make living until you receive your paycheck. But the catch here is that you can’t trust all the marketplaces. You need to pick a few that are trustworthy and go ahead selling your products to earn money from items that have monetary worth.

This article helps you with 10 best selling apps to sell your stuff online. All you need to do is explore them, register, create listings and sell products to get quick cash.


Declutter is the best application that lets you sell your tech items such as mobiles, CDs, DVDs, games, tablets, wearables, kindle and even books at best prices. You just need to scan the barcodes and get instant prices. You can then request for a label to stick on it and ship for free. Sellers will receive the payment after Declutter receives products and inspects. The payment will be credited to Paypal or direct deposit or check within two days.

If your room is stocked up with CDs and DVDs sell them online at best places for cash.


Letgo is another largest marketplace to sell your stuff. The app allows you to sell used cars, electronics, video games, etc. So, this is the other best way to declutter your home and make money.

Take photos of the products you want to sell and upload them, Letgo categorizes your listing with its cutting-edge technology and finds the best deals for your items.

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The other largest marketplace for buying and selling things is OfferUp quickly. You can sell your stuff in your neighborhood online with OfferUp by contacting the buyers directly within the app. This is a great platform to establish your brand if you want to make selling as your side hustle and make chunks of money. 

Facebook Marketplace

The other popular way of selling your stuff is Facebook Marketplace. It is quite simple selling on this platform as all you have to do is create your listing, add photos and descriptions. Additionally, you can also post your items in buy and sell groups near you or links to your Facebook business page to sell the stuff quickly.

As you are the sole responsibility for handing over the products to buyers and payments, so ensure you only offer the product after you receive the payment from a trusted online payment gateway.


Declutter your closet with Poshmark on the go with their free app. It has a great stylist community that sells their stuff from brands to buyers. So, if you have a good collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are in good condition, then create an account, and upload nice high-quality pictures of your items. The shipping charges are generally born on buyers, however, you can offer free shipping to sell your items fast. 

Poshmark charges $2.95 for sale items of price under $15 and 20% commission for products worth above $20.


Recycler is a local classified ads site that works similarly to Craigslist. You can sell vehicles, pets, furniture, clothes, and household items. Download the Recycler app list your items, sell, and make money.


thredUp is the other largest online platform for buying and selling used clothes. You can sell the top brand’s clothes at the best prices. Download the thredUP app, register, and order a free closet clean-out-kit. Ship your clothes, thredUP looks at them, and offers you a price. You will receive payment via Paypal or VISA prepaid card or thredUP shopping credit.

Use their payout estimator in beforehand to know how much your clothes cost. As it charges $10.99 to return your package in case if you change your mind.


5miles lets you buy and sell used furniture, cars, electronics, and also services. Just download the app, post an ad as you do on other apps. It is a simple, and safe app to sell your stuff online.

Include photos, set pricing, and add a description with related keywords to sell your items faster. You can communicate with buyers through the app and prefer to ship or hand over the products directly to buyers arranging a meetup. 


Chairish is the perfect place to sell your vintage and used furniture online. It lets people buy and sell unique pieces of furniture, decor, and art. You can list on Chairish for free. Unlike the other apps, Chairish offers 48 hours return policy for buyers, for that reason sellers will receive the payment after 48 hours. The best part here is you can expect a higher selling price for your items, not to mention it charges higher commission value. Yet, you can still expect a handsome profit in your hands.

Trove Marketplace

Trove Marketplace is also a similar platform to sell furniture online. The only difference with other platforms is you can even accept bids from buyers or set a fixed price and set your preferred mode to accept payment. You can schedule a meetup with the buyer and offer your item after you receive the payment.

Upload high-quality pictures to sell faster.


Confused? Well, you can also sell your stuff on Instagram and make money as you do on other platforms. All you have to do is click great-quality pictures, upload them with the right description. Provide complete details of the product and share it in buy and sell groups. Respond to requests or messages and arrange a meeting with the buyer.

Last but not least, let’s not leave the traditional ways to sell your products. They are Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist. Moreover, listing and promoting your products on different platforms will help you make money quickly.

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Bottom Line

So, these are the 10 best selling apps to sell your stuff and make a good amount of money. Start exploring them and create a listing on multiple platforms to sell your products quickly. As said in the above lines,  share your items on different platforms to sell and make money faster.

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