10 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture for Cash

Making some quick cash is not that daunting especially during times when the internet is full of make money online guides. 

There are plenty of ways to make money sitting home. Of those, one of the easiest ways to make some bucks with zero effort is selling unused items. Yes, unused items like your old furniture do not only consume space in your home but luckily they help you make some cash. Well, let’s talk about selling used furniture in this article to free up some space in your room while making money. Furniture is one of the most selling used items on an online marketplace. Not to mention, this is the reason why some make it a business of buying and selling used furniture for profits.

Wondering where to sell your used furniture and make some money? Stick till the end, this article covers 10 best places to sell used furniture for cash.


Say goodbye to extra stuff in your home and start making money selling them. List your used furniture on the eBay marketplace and get paid quickly and safely.

All you need to do is click nice photos of your old furniture, write a great description of it, and set the price with the help of the eBay support team. When your items sell, eBay eases the payment process between you and the buyer, you just need to print the label on eBay and arrange a pickup for the buyer after the payment is done.

Selling is much easier on eBay with its easy user interface and how to sell guides. Moreover, it just takes a $0 listing fee and a small fee of 10% from the final price as seller fees for each item you have sold.


Bonanza is one of the most recommended eCommerce marketplaces to sell items. You can easily sell your products on Bonanza directly listing it or by importing your products from Amazon or eBay. The upside with Bonanza is that your products appear on Google Shopping with no setup costs. Also, the site makes it easier for you to improve the picture quality with its advanced tools. Overall, the website does its best to help you sell your products.

So, all you need to do is click on ” Start now” and create a Bonanza booth setup. Fill in your details, select how you want to determine shipping costs and other details. Then, you are all set to sell your items through your booth.

If you wish to become a professional seller and make money, then open an online store which means a standalone website for selling products on your own.

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As it is a giant marketplace with a huge number of numbers, this is one of the best options for selling your used furniture.

Bonanza charges 3.5% of the final value on an average for $500 and charges an extra 1.5% on price over $500.


Letgo is another best website for buying and selling second-hand things for free. You can sell your used furniture by uploading pictures of it and listing. Letgo not only lets you sell your used furniture for free but also makes it easier for you to interact with buyers. 

You can use either website or app to sell your used items. Just create an account and start selling to make quick cash.

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OfferUp is a simpler way to sell your furniture to local people. All you need is to sign up and list your items on the site with good quality pictures. Again you do not need to pay any listing or set up fee. However, there is some service or shipping charge you need to pay.

OfferUp is the place you sell almost any legal physical item of any category.


This is one of the popular platforms for selling anything online. In fact, this is a search engine to buy or sell used items. So you have good chances of selling your furniture at the best price as this site doesn’t take any fees from you. 

But the downside is you are completely responsible for selling and shipping the item to the buyer. Therefore you need to upload proper and high-quality pictures of your furniture item to attract buyers and arrange a pick-up or shipping for buyers. Do not forget to use relevant keywords and great description for your product hit the potential customers.

Facebook Marketplace

Guess what sells best on Facebook Marketplace… Yes, used furniture sells well in this huge marketplace. Hence, this is one of the effective ways to sell your used furniture for cash. 

All you need is to go to Marketplace on Facebook, click on “Sell” and enter product title, description, price, category of product, and your location. Upload pictures of furniture, select where you want to post your selling list, and publish. And that’s it. You can prefer Facebook ads if you want to sell it quickly. You can choose either “Offer pick up” or “shipping”, and deliver the item once after you receive the payment. 


List your furniture for free on Chairish for cash. Upload photos, list the item, connect with verified buyers, ship, and get paid. Chairish facilitates shipping for you, you can either opt-in for delivery or local pick up. 

Start selling as a free member and make quick cash. Chairish pays you 70% or more of the sale price via Paypal.


The other easy way to sell your furniture online is Sell.com Marketplace. Sign up, place an ad to sell your item faster. The best part here is your ad gets displayed on eBay, Big Commerce, and Google Products. Thus with a single platform and single ad fee, you can promote and sell your furniture on different platforms and reach a wider audience.


1stdibs is also a recommended option for selling used furniture that is unique and antique. This is one of the best ways to sell your used furniture for a better price as the website has qualified customers globally. 

So, to sell your furniture on 1stdibs, you need to first complete a dealer application.

You can then start listing items once you are approved. An account manager will be assigned to look after shipping and tracking of the item.

Selling on 1stdibs is a little expensive when compared to other platforms. You will have to pay a monthly fee and upto 15% commission on each item sold.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Apartment Therapy Bazaar is another best place to sell vintage furnishings and accessories. 

Sell your furniture for free on this marketplace for free by simply signing up and listing your items. You can also share your listed products on social media channels to inspire potential customers on various platforms.

Bottom Line

Thus there is still more number of best places such as Amazon Marketplace, Walmart, AliExpress, etc. to sell your furniture for cash. Choose one from the above, sign up, upload high-quality pictures of your furniture, and upload. However, if you want to make selling as a side hustle or small business you can reach out to multiple platforms to sell quickly and make money. So, all you need is nice photos of items and a good description to impress customers and make sales.

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