10 Best Places to Find Micro Jobs


How many times were you in need of a few extra bucks but you didn’t have them? Sometimes right!! All the people in the world work every single day to get through a month at a time. While the money they earn might just be enough for the most part but not times change. Sometimes you will need more money to get some things done and borrowing money is not a good feeling for anyone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn a little extra? Thanks to the age people are living were plenty of things you could do to earn money. 

The best thing you could do is do micro- obs. For those who don’t know what a micro job is, they are a few tasks or jobs that can be done in a short period. By doing these jobs you could earn a few dollars for completing each task. The best part about these jobs is you can do it from your home. You don’t even have to attend an interview or work for fixed periods. This makes it easy for you to earn money. But there are a few things you must consider before starting your side hustle. Decide what you want to do and how you want to spend your money. There is also a considerable amount of competition for these jobs. But if you can get one then financially it will be very helpful for you.

Here are 10 places online where you can find micro jobs for yourself.


Fiverr is one of the largest websites in the world for freelancers. If you are good at writing, designing, or music you can easily find a gig in Fiverr. For every four seconds, a gig is sold on Fiverr. The price of each gig can be anywhere from a few bucks to a few thousand dollars depending on the gig. If you are new to this type of stuff and don’t know how much to charge then just look at similar services. You will get an idea of how much to charge. No matter how much you earn Fiverr takes 20% of it.


This is one platform where you don’t need any exceptional skills. InboxDollars pays you money for doing regular stuff like watching videos, playing games, reading emails, taking surveys, and some other stuff. This site provides one of the legit ways to earn money by watching videos. Unlike the other similar platforms of its kind, InboxDollars does not offer points or gift cards but it pays you in cash. You can earn up to $5 per survey and cash out once you more than $30.


This is one of the unique websites on this list that offer micro-jobs. Gigwalk is a micro jobs and mystery shopping application that allows its users to work in their local areas. On this application, you will find jobs from retailers. These jobs would include going to local stores and gathering information. You have to provide information like whether the items are on shelves, seeing if the pricing is right, and some other stuff. One has to use the application to show what stores you have visited. You have to upload photos as proof and you can get paid anywhere $3 to $100 through PayPal.


Appen is a company that provides large scale data to industries like transportation, retail, and other industries. This data is used by these companies for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to make their work easy and effective. Using this data the process of image recognization, personalization of search results and voice transcription is done faster. Appen hires people to do this job of collecting information for them. You can do interesting things such as rating applications, translation, and web search evaluations from your home.


Skyword is a company that offers a full suite branding and marketing services as well as the marketing software to its customers. This company constantly hires freelance photographers, writers, designers in an effort to connect with their target audience. If you want to get hired all you to do is create a profile on Skyword and submit samples of your work. Fill your entire profile as some customers want freelancers from a specific region. It pays per assignment. Money is paid through PayPal on the 15th or the end of the month depending on when you finished your assignment.


ySense is another website that pays for doing micro jobs for them. You can do several jobs like trying new products, applications, or services. It also pays you for taking surveys. The payment varies depending on many factors such as how often you log in or the number of tasks that you have completed. A person can cash out two times a day as long as they have a minimum of $8 in their account. Money is paid via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The next company that offers micro jobs is one of the most popular brands in the world, Amazon. But many people do not know that AmazonMturk offers micro-jobs. You can do human intelligence tasks called hits and earn money. Some of these jobs include online typing jobs, processing videos, processing images, processing data, verifying data, cleaning up data, and gathering information. The goal is to help sellers edit their product listing to provide the best information to the customers. You can earn upto $10 per hour.


If you work for Clickworker you have to do jobs like online typing, correcting texts, categorizing data, and taking surveys to earn money. You can also earn money by doing things like proofreading, making short audio/video clips, and test applications. You can do these tasks anywhere anytime. Clickworker is available in Germany, the US, and several other countries in the world. It allows you to choose weekly or monthly payments and they are done through PayPal. You need to have a minimum amount in your account to cash out.


If you want to earn money by doing jobs in your local area then TaskRabbit is the place to go. This application connects you with people who want help around their house. People often hire individuals through TaskRabbit to do things like moving furniture or cleaning their house. You can also help people move, repair their homes, and build furniture. To get hired you must submit an online application and attend a session in your area regarding your information. You can get paid more than $100 for completing a task.

Field Agent

This is another website where you can earn money by completing market research. Field Agent is a company that provides answers to companies regarding their brand visibility and displays in stores. Just like Appen, Field Agent gives you tasks that include verifying if the prices are correct on products, researching about the marketing strategies of a company’s competitor, and surveying customers for their opinions on products. You can get your earnings directly deposited into your account. It pays anywhere between $1 to $12 per job.


It is always great to earn a little extra money as you don’t know when you are going to need it. But you should keep in mind that micro-jobs are called micro-jobs for a reason. Do not expect to earn thousands of dollars. However, you can earn a decent amount of money if you get a good micro job. Plan your schedule according to your regular job. Select one of the above options and start earning money today.

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