10 Best Online Proofreading Jobs

Have you ever wondered your eagle eye that catches typos or mistakes when you read content can make you money? With the increase in content load on the internet with plenty of articles, blogs, e-books, and of course a demand for perfection and quality, there is also a demand for proofreaders.

So, if you have a keen eye on details and can’t resist yourself suggesting the grammatical errors, typos, or mistakes in the articles you read every day to the author, there are numerous employers and writers waiting for you. Not to mention they are ready to pay high for your work. How much you can earn depends on your experience sometimes, though. However, according to Salary.com, the average salary of a proofreader is $52,486. So, it is worth considering as a freelance gig or steady side hustle or even a full-time business to make more money.

Proofreading has become a trending job in recent years as there is a competition for perfection. Though the work of proofreader seems simple it needs thorough attention to checking minor errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes. Okay, if you are someone who doesn’t what exactly a proofreader does, this is for you.

What does a proofreader do?

A proofreader is someone who does the official final review of the given content and ensures that the copy is consistent overall and is free of typos, and grammatical errors. As the content is reviewed by the proofreader finally before publication, there is a lot of responsibility within his/her hands.

The job role of proofreading is often mistaken for that of the editor, but there is a minor difference. An editor reviews the content before it goes to the proofreader. He suggests any kind of changes in the content to the writer. Whereas the proofreader needs to make any changes to the content to make it look perfect and consistent.

The best advantage of choosing proofreading as a career is you can almost work from anywhere in the world.

Got an idea about what as a proofreader you need to do?

Then start finding the jobs and get paid while also adding experience in your portfolio. So, here are the 10 best online proofreading jobs to apply. The list has both jobs for experienced and entry-level proofreaders.

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Upwork is a popular and one of the largest freelancing platforms where you can find numerous proofreading jobs. Though the pay seems less, it is a great way to start if you are at entry-level in proofreading. You just need to create your portfolio, complete certifications to add more weight to your resume. When an employer finds your resume fit, they will reach you with a cool gig. You can rate as per the complexity and length of the document later on when you gain experience. But as a beginner, as you can just start working to learn more.


Fiverr is also an online marketplace for freelancers and companies to meet each other work on improving their business. Getting a job on Fiverr is simply selling your services to buyers. You just need to build your portfolio, set up a gig, and offer your services. People pleased with your gig will reach out to you.


Freelancer.com is also a similar platform where you can find buyers and sellers hiring and selling services. To get a job on Freelancer.com you need to create your account, build a portfolio, and find proofreader gigs by browsing. You can then bid on the projects based on their complexity. As it is also a huge space, you will always people placing lower bids. So, you can do the same until you get high ratings and reviews from the buyer so that you can bid higher from later on.

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Polished Paper

While the above are the platforms for different types of gigs such as copywriting, data entry, designing, researching, etc. Polished Paper is an exclusive company that offers English language editing and proofreading services. Therefore it looks for experienced or else exceptional editors and proofreaders.

To get a job there you need to first fill up editor application, upload your resume, and finish their assessment which consists of 35 questions.


Scribbr is an award-winning academic proofreading and editing services provider.

To join their editors’ community you need to take a language quiz, complete the Scribbr application where you will need to take an editing test, and then join Scribbr Academy. As a member of Scribbr Academy, you will have access to their working system, and you will need to take 2-5 simulation orders before taking the actual order.

Their team will guide you about academic style and provide feedback regularly.

Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications is a global communications company where you will find freelance or full-time editing work only based on medical research, and physical sciences. So, if you have a decent graduation degree related to these fields you can find jobs there for you. Also, you need to have good experience in writing, and editing to get your resume considered.

You will have to take assessments to get a job in Cactus Communications.

Proofreading Services 

ProofreadingServices.com is a platform where you can find many remote, part-time, and full-time editing and proofreading jobs. The company prefers experienced candidates mostly and the pay ranges between $19 to $46 per hour.


There are always freelance editing, writing, translating, etc, jobs available on Wordvice. However, they always look for expert editors with advanced degrees. So, you might need to do some work before you land a job here. However, if you are already eligible for their requirements, just go and take the sample test to apply for a freelance editor role at Wordvice.

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So, if you are a beginner, Gramlee is also a good option for you to start your proofreading career. It pays you $0.03 cents/word for upto 3000 words. Though, not a lucrative deal, you can still consider this as your baby step. You just need to submit their Employment Application and wait to hear from them.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelancing community similar to Fiverr or Freelancer.com where you can find freelance jobs quickly. You just need to sign up, create a portfolio, and apply for the jobs on their platform.

Though you may not make huge money here, you can consider this if you are a beginner.

Bottom Line

So, these are the 10 best online proofreading jobs you should apply to start making money as a freelance proofreader. Over time and with projects you will gain more experience and value to your portfolio. So, start creating your profile on different platforms, get gigs, and earn money at home in your flexible schedule.

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