10 Best Mystery Shopper Jobs & Companies


There is no doubt that there are a lot of ways to earn money these days. You have various websites that offer you different types of micro-jobs. People can even earn money by watching ads. Similarly, there are websites that hire people to be mystery shoppers for them. For those who don’t know a mystery shopper is a paid individual who is supposed to act as a regular shopper and complete the tasks given by mystery shopping companies. After completing those tasks they must provide feedback about a particular product or how they have received a service based on their experience. 

This job requires you to go to stores and see if the stores are following a set of parameters like customer service, cleanliness of the store, and other things. You will get your payment after you provide the required information. Not only that the mystery shopping companies also reimburse the money you spent in this process. This is not as simple as watching videos to earn money but it is not that difficult. It is actually quite easy to become a mystery shopper. You just have to find out the best mystery shopping companies in your area and sign up. Then you should choose the tasks and start shopping. 

Here is a list of mystery shopping companies that you can sign up for earning money.

Field Agent

You will keep getting assignments once you sign up for the mystery shopping company Field Agent. Some of the clients of Field Agent include Walmart convenience stores, Amazon fresh, Autozone, and the new DGX store of Dollars General. This mystery shopping company is claiming to pay anywhere between $3 to $20 if you sign up. The photos and descriptions provided by you are reviewed before payment.  That’s why you get paid two days after submission.


RealityBasedGroup or popularly known as RGB is also a member of MSPA. There are many in which you can do mystery shopping for this company. You can do mystery shopping via phone, video, written, or online. Some of its notable clients include Texas Roundhouse, SportsClips, Cinnabon, and GoodWill. You will usually be getting gigs related to restaurants, gyms, bookstores, banks, and departmental stores. 


If you are looking for a must shopping company that allows you to work for a wide variety of companies that belong to different industries then choose Intellishop. This company has a list of companies from more than 50 industries that you can work for. Intellishop has also received the shopper’s choice award of MSPA in 2019. This means it is one of the best mystery shopping companies out there. Just sign up and complete the basic questionnaire to start earning money.


Bare is a company that hires mystery shoppers to shop on phone, in person, for video visits, and customer chat. Just like any other mystery shopping company you have to sign up to be a mystery shopper. After that, you have to provide five area codes where you would like to shop. This is a great thing if you live and work at different locations. Bare has received the MSPA shopper’s choice award in 2019. The award was voted by mystery shoppers which means it is one of the best mystery shopping companies to work for.


Gigwalk is also a member of MSPA. In order to be a mystery shopper for them all you have to do is download their application and sign up. Gigwalk’s app has great ratings on both the App Store and Google Play Store. It not only offers gigs related to mystery shopping but also other stuff. The gigs include things like double-checking prices and taking pictures of properties for insurance purposes. You can do all these assignments on your phone through their application. The payment ranges from anywhere between $3 to $100 and it is done via PayPal.

Amusement Advantage

Amusement Advantage is quite different from your regular mystery shopping companies. This company pays you to do mystery shopping at zoos, aquariums, museums, amusement parks, bowling alleys, and other such places. This is not like going to a grocery store and providing information. That’s why you have to be even more careful while giving feedback on these gigs. You can even earn money by referring to Amusement Advantage to other mystery shoppers. But the downside is it will take 30 to 45 days for you to receive payment.

Shopper’s View

There have been multiple mentions of MSPA which is the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Guess what? Shopper’s View is one of the founding members of MSPA. Retail, food, and sporting events are some of the gigs offered by this company. You can also do mystery shopping through your mobile phones if you cannot go to a particular place. Sign up, select your language, submit the application, and become a mystery shopper for Shopper’s View.

Ath Power Consulting

If you are looking to sign up for a mystery shopping company that only has few types of gigs then Ath Power Consulting should be on top of your list. The main focus of this company is the banking and financial industry. If you become a mystery shopper for this company then you most probably have to go to a bank and describe your experience. Ath Power Consulting has been an elite member of the Mystery  Shopping Providers Association for 5 years now. They have more than 500,000 members and only pay twice every month.

Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper is one of the most reputable companies among the mystery shopping companies. This company was around since 1993. They have also received many awards with the most notable one being the MSPA elite award in 2018. The best thing about this company is it is absolutely free to sign up and allows its mystery shoppers to choose their set of hours. All you do is pick your country and complete a certification test. You can start working after you receive a shopper’s ID and password.


SeeLevel is another mystery shopping company that gives you gigs for companies belonging to different industries. This mystery shopping company provides you with gigs related to financial services, automotive, retail, and fast food industries. You can even get free meals for doing mystery shopping for SeeLevel. The payments of SeeLevel are done via PayPal.


Mystery shopping is one of the best ways to earn some money in your free time. This is just like those online jobs that pay for testing. But you do not require any skills like a tester to get hired by mystery shopping companies. Mystery shopping is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash. Choose some of the above websites or applications to start your mystery shopping gigs today.

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