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A domain name is denoted as your website name. Keeping it simple, a domain is a URL or the address where the users can access your website or blog using the internet. Since computers and other devices use the IP address to access websites. The IP address consists of a series of number. Remembering the IP address for every website can be a daunting task for internet users. Therefore domain name has been introduced to identify the website rather than accessing a website using the IP address.

Register your domain name at popular portals such as GoDaddy, Crazydomains, Hostingfacts and more. Create a domain name within a few simple clicks. A domain name is a combination of alphabets and numbers. If you’re running a global business make sure you have got a .com extension. Every domain name is unique. It means no two domains have the same name.

Domain plays a key role when you’re running a business. Make sure your domain name reflects your business. If you’re running a health business, including health in the blog is important. Therefore people can easily identify your business product or service just by looking at their domain name.

Have you ever heard about domain authority and page authority? Domain authority and page authority are a buzz term in the SEO world. But, there are few users who are unaware of the importance of domain and page authority.

Let’s discuss domain authority in-detail.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is well-known as a ranking score on the search engines. Basically, DA was introduced by “Moz”. Depending upon the website the domain authority score may vary from 1 to 100. The domain authority can be calculated by evaluating various factors such as internal links, external links, keywords, images, loading time and more. These factors are calculated for a single domain authority score. The score is important while comparing the website from one to another. When the domain authority is high it means the website is likely to rank high on search engines.

Domain authority can identify how your website or blog will rank on search engines. Domain authority plays an important role in competitor analysis. When you want to compare your website with your competitor website, checking the domain authority can be half away. When your domain authority rank is higher than your competitors, you rank better on the search engine.

Are you planning to check the domain authority of your website? Yes!!! Check the list below.


Provider Name


MYVU Score

Visit Website

SEMrush Yes 9.8

Read Review

Visit SEMrush
Website SEO Checker Yes 9.5

Read Review

Moz Yes 9.5

Read Review

Visit Moz
CheckMoz Yes 9

Read Review

Visit CheckMoz
SmallSEOTools Yes 8.7

Read Review

Dupli Checker Yes 8.5

Read Review

SEO Review Tools Yes 8.5

Read Review

Sure Oak Yes 8.3

Read Review

Visit Sure Oak
Search Engine Report Yes 8

Read Review

Click Minded Yes 8

Read Review

The Hoth Yes 7.8

Read Review

Visit The Hoth
Pre Post SEO Yes 7.8

Read Review

Link Graph Yes 7.7

Read Review

Visit Link Graph

Following are the free domain authority checker websites:


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing platform. The tool is the combination of outstanding features such as domain analytics, keyword analytics, marketing insights, topic research, SEO content template and more. If you want to improve brand awareness, conversions and ROI, SEMrush is the best marketing tool for your business. Let’s talk about SEMrush domain analytics. Many companies use SEMrush to analyse their domain. Within a single click, SEMrush will provide complete information about domain authority score, backlinks, top content, search performance and more. All you need to copy and paste the desired domain URL in the search bar. Click on the search bar to generate the results.


Visit Website – SEMrush

Websites SEO Checker

Have you ever heard about Website SEO checkers? Of course many times right. Website SEO checker is the one-stop destination to check the domain authority of the website. Website SEO Checker is an outstanding search engine optimization tool. It’s time to optimize your website or blog using this Website SEO Checker to rank better. Since, other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing take a longer time.

It’s no secret there are many complexities that have taken birth in SEO from the past few years. The good news is, Google has sorted the things out to analyse and understand the real meaning of multiple phrases and brand words. When implemented together doesn’t provide accurate keywords. Also, these keywords don’t provide better results. So, Website SEO Analysis has introduced a great feature called “Domain Authority Checker”.

Website SEO Checker

As discussed early, DA is a major indicator proposed by Moz to reflect the domain authority of the website or blog. Calculating the domain authority is easy with Website SEO Checker. All you need to enter your URL or domain name at DA checker and click on ‘Check’ button.

As shown in the figure the domain authority of the MYVU is 52. Website SEO Checker also provides information about page authority, number of backlinks, number of quality backlinks, Alexa, referral domain names and more.

Visit Website – Website SEO Checker


Moz is the one-stop solution to analyze domains. Moz offers SEO analysis for free and provides world-class information. Domain authority is considered as the search engine ranking score. It is developed by Moz that is capable of predicting the quality of the website.

There are thousands of Google ranking factors. Among them, domain authority is one of the key factors. The higher the DA is, the more likely your website will receive great traffic. The domain authority factor is an important approach to measure SEO efforts and compare with competitors websites.

If you’re planning to check the domain authority, Moz is the best platform for you. According to Moz, when the website domain authority ranges from 40 to 50, it is denoted as average, between 50 to 60 is denoted as good and more than 60 is denoted as excellent.

The domain authority of the Myvu website is 52. It means Myvu is considered a good domain authority. The number of linking root domains is 939, ranking keywords are 79 and the spam score is 28%. Followed by top pages by links and top linking domains. The Moz domain authority provides a history of linking domains (60 days).

Visit Website – Moz


Domain authority (DA) is considered as a major SEO metrics. DA was introduced by Moz to know the quality of the website. Basically, the score varies from 0 to 100. Domain authority is a primary SEO metric that is accepted by every digital marketer to calculate the quality of the website with a domain authority digit.

Want to check 5 domain names at a single click? Yes!!! Look no further than CheckMoz. It is the perfect destination to check upto 5 domain names at once. Get information about domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, backlink, Alexa rank, IP address and more.


The best part of CheckMoz is it is available for free. You don’t need to be an expert to use the CheckMoz tool. Since the platform is user-friendly and reliable software for checking DA, PA and Moz rank.

Check the domain authority within 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the URL “http://www.myvu.com”, check domain authority of maximum of 10 websites at once
  • Step 2: After entering the URL, click on “submit”.
  • Step 3: Hurray!!! the results are displayed. The domain authority is 52 and followed by additional SEO metrics such as PA, Moz rank, Alex and IP address.

Visit Website – CheckMoz


Is there anybody who is unaware of SmallSEOTools? Of course nobody right!!! It is one of the popular SEO tools for online business. SmallSEOTools is the best SEO tool for beginners and professional marketers. The platform consists of various tools such as domain authority, content analysis, plagiarism checker, performance and more.

SmallSEOTools offers a wide range of domain tools to calculate the domain age, expired domains, domain authority, IP address, blacklist IP and more. Let’s discuss SmallSEOTools domain authority.

SmallSEOTools offers an outstanding feature – domain authority checker. Users can easily check the domain authority score with a single click. Just copy your website URL and paste it in a search box. Tap on the “check authority” button. Did you know, you can check upto 10 domain authority scores at once? Sounds interesting right!!! SmallSEOTools is available for free.

Paste the desired website URL on the search box and click on “check authority”. That’s it, SmallSEOTools provides information about domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, IP address, linking domains, total links and region.

Knowing about the domain authority score is important. It helps to generate better website traffic when you’re not focusing you can implement other SEO metrics to improve your ranking.

Visit Website – SmallSEOTools

Dupli Checker

Duplicate content is a major challenge for many businesses. Google ranks unique and quality content. Therefore it is important for a business to check the duplicate content before posting on their website. Dupli Checker is one of the popular websites to check the duplicate content,  paraphrasing, domain authority check and more.

Domain authority is an important SEO signal to compute the website rank on the search engine. The domain authority scale ranges from 0-100. There are multiple aspects to consider for domain authority such as site volume, domain age, social signal and quality backlinks. These aspects play a vital role to boost domain authority.


Enter a valid URL at Dupli Checker and click on “check authority”. The results will be displayed instantly. Dupli Checker provides complete details about domain authority, page authority, linking root domains and total links. DupliChecker domain authority is a free service. No registration and no payments are required to check the domain authority score.

Moz is responsible to compute domain and page authority of the website. Also, DA and PA scores are updated every month. Moz uses a hundred factors to provide a domain authority score.

Visit Website – Dupli Checker

SEO Review Tools

Want to improve your website? SEO Review tools is the right choice for you. The platform is offering more than 42 SEO tools to improve your website. Many bloggers and digital marketers prefer SEO Review Tools rather than other platforms in the market. Since SEO Review Tools provides accurate results. Also, explains the methods to rank better on search engines. Among all the features SEO Review Tools provide the instant result on domain authority.

Domain authority is a popular key metric introduced by Moz to predict the strength of the website to rank on search engines. The logarithmic scale ranges from 0 to 100. Improving domain authority can be a daunting task for many businesses. Since Moz follows more than 40 metrics to calculate the domain authority of the website.

SEO Reviews Tools

Concentrate more on acquiring quality and a relevant backlink from authority domains. This way, you can easily get a better domain authority score.

SEO Reviews Tools is a user-friendly platform. Visit the website and open SEO Reviews ToolS Website Authority Checker. Make a note that websites and domains are the same in terms of SEO. Enter the website URL and select on “Perform check”. That’s it!!! The results will be generated within a few seconds. It includes domain authority and page authority information.

Visit Website – SEO Review Tools

Sure Oak

Sure Oak provides a complete set of SEO tools to grow your business organically. The platform offers specialized services such as domain authority checker, page authority checker, link building and more. These tools work perfectly to achieve better results and improve brand credibility. The outstanding functionality of Sure Oak is ‘Free Domain Authority Checker’. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Sure Oak

Google introduced over 200 ranking factors to rank the website on search engines. Domain authority is one of the important metrics among them. The domain authority of the website is considered as the combination of different metrics and ranking signals that are associated with your website. There are hundreds of factors to consider your domain authority for the website. However, backlinks play a vital role in domain authority grade. Additionally, referring domains is also considered to calculate domain authority.

Though Moz domain authority strategy sounds difficult, with Sure Oak checking the domain authority is quite simple. With a single click, you can check the DA of your website. Enter the domain name of the website and click on the submit button. That’s it!!! You can find the domain authority score of the desired website. The score may range from 0 to 100. It just takes a few seconds to calculate the domain authority score. Users will get a chance to export the results for future reference.

Visit Website – Sure Oak

Search Engine Report

If you want to check the domain authority of your website within a couple of minutes – Search Engine Reports is the perfect destination for you. According to SER, domain and page authority is a metric introduced by Moz. DA score is generated based on a few ranking factors such as links, authority and more. The ranking score plays a vital role in ranking a website on search engines. DA score can range from 1 to 100. When the DA score is high it means the website has higher chances to rank better on search engines.

All you need is a good domain and page authority for your website. DA is evaluated on a scale of a hundred points. Also, DA score depends upon the hard work and efforts. Search Engine Reports is one of the effective tools to provide an accurate domain authority score for your website. Keeping it simple, it is a comparative platform to measure the score of your website.

Want to increase your domain authority? Yes!!! You need to follow a few tips. If you’re running a health business make sure your domain name has Health in it. Keep a track on renewing your domain. Because SEO and DA work hand-on-hand to rank the website. Make sure everything works perfectly be it on-page and off-page. Also, publish quality and effective content on your website to get a better DA score.

Visit Website – Search Engine Report

Click Minded

Click Minded is the popular domain authority checker. With this tool, you can get a DA and PA score in a few seconds. Also, you can check the domain authority and page authority of more than 100 websites instantly. Enter the website URL in the search box and click on ‘Go Fetch’. That’s it,  the results will be displayed on the screen.

Depending upon the quality backlines the domain authority score can range from one to hundred. Click Minded is the third-party application. The results are generated by Click Minded, not Google. Also, Domain and page authority are important metrics for SEO.

Consider, when you’re checking a domain authority and page authority of MYVU website. Visit Click Minded and enter the myvu URL and click on Go Fetch. The results will be displayed below, the domain authority of Myvu is 52 and page authority is 44. Increasing the domain authority can be a daunting task. Therefore focus on getting backlinks from unique domains. Because 10 links from 10 multiple websites are more valuable than 100 links from one website. Also, links from higher authority with relevant keywords are valuable.

Checking the domain authority is easy with Click Minded. Enter the hundreds of URLs into the search box one after the other. Check your domain authority with competitors websites.

Visit Website – Click Minded

The Hoth

Want to know the strength of your website? Yes!!! Checking the domain name is the right option for you. The Hoth is a popular domain authority checker. No matter whether you would like to check the authority of one URL or multiple URLs, The Hoth will work for you perfectly. There are multiple factors included in domain authority such as referring domains, backlink count, domain age, quality content, speed, Moz trust, social signals and more.

Every website uses a domain authority checker to measure the quality of the website or blog with a single score. The Hoth domain checker software is useful for various reasons. Check the domain authority of a website. Know the domain authority of the competitors. Find out the extra links that are pointing to your website. Finally, evaluate the potential links opportunities.

The Hoth

The Hoth works in two steps. Enter the URL in one-line and click on ‘View Moz Metric. Users can check upto 10 URLs instantly. The results will be generated instantly. Consider, insert MYVU URL in the search box, the results are  DA – 52,  PA – 44, Rank – 4,400 and External links – 2902.

Visit Website – The Hoth


How can you check whether your website is good or bad? SEO has introduced a domain authority metric to measure the website.

TTSEO is the effective and free domain authority checker across the globe. Within a single click, users can check domain authority, page authority and Moz rank. Domain authority plays an important role in ranking. People trust the websites that are displayed on the top of the search engine. Users need to concentrate on domain authority in order to rank your website high on SERP.


The domain authority can be statistical measure – trust, relevance, quality and more. When you’re running a beauty website, TTSEO will measure the relevance and information on your website. Also, TTSEO focus on quality, not quantity. Though you have bulk content on your website, when the information is not useful for the users, your domain authority score will gradually decrease. At the end, Google doesn’t rank your website.

With TTSEO users can check the domain authority within a few seconds. On the other hand, TTSEO provides additional information about the website. It includes page authority, Moz rank, links equity and IP address. 

Visit Website – TTSEO

Pre Post SEO

Is there anybody who is unaware of Pre Post SEO? Of Course No!!! Pre Post SEO is a popular and free domain authority checker. Marketers and SEO specialists use Pre Post SEO for several purposes such as checking the domain authority, page authority, plagiarism, word counter, reverse image search and more. Users can check upto 500 domain authority scores within a single click.

Pre Post SEO

For example, if you want to check the domain authority of MYVU. Copy and paste the Myvu URL in the search box and click on the check authority button. Now the results are generated, the domain authority of Myvu is 53. Also, Pre Post SEO provides additional information such as page authority, 44, spam score – 28%, indexed pages, guest post list and earn money.


Domain authority is an effective SEO signal to calculate the rank of a website. The DA scale ranges from 0 to 100. Here O is considered as minimum score value and 100 is considered as maximum score. Therefore domain authority is a crucial factor to rank your website on the first page of search results. When your website is displayed on the first page the organic traffic can improve gradually. There are few features that can affect the domain authority such as domain age, website volume, number of quality backlinks, social media signal and more.

Visit Website – Pre Post SEO

Link Graph is the all-in-one solution to check domain authority, page authority, external root domain count and spam metric. The free domain authority checker allows users to check upto 50 domains at a time. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Domain authority is a key score introduced by Moz. The score is used to predict the website rank on SERP. It’s no secret the domain authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The higher ranking score is indicated as a good ranker. There are various factors to determine the domain authority score. It includes backlinks, quality content, referring domain, spam links and more. With these logarithm calculations, it’s easier to calculate the domain authority.

Link Graph is a free domain authority checker. Copy and paste the URL and check the domain authority score in a few seconds. Also, you can check multiple links by placing the website URL on a separate line. Export the report for further purposes.

Visit Website – Link Graph

In a nutshell

Domain authority is an effective SEO concept in the digital world. The concept (DA) was introduced by popular website Moz. The score ranges from 1 to 100. Domain authority score is calculated by considering various factors such as quality backlinks, spam score, ranking keywords, referring domains and more. There are few domain authority checkers such as SEMrush, Moz, Sure Oak and Click Minded offering multiple free domain authority checkers. It means marketers can check the domain authority for more than 100 websites. Sounds interesting right!!! These domain authority checker websites are useful for competitive analysis as well. If you’re not using the domain authority checker then it’s the right time to start using the domain authority checker platforms to create awareness about your business strength.

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