10 Best Cash Back Sites


Everyone likes to save on the things they buy. People usually look for discounts when they are buying goods. That’s why you will see a lot of people when there is a sale. There is nothing wrong with it. By getting things for cheap you will be saving a lot of money. Any amount of money you save is good. That is because you can put that money into something that will be useful to you later. You could buy something else or you could save it for some other purpose. The best thing you could do by saving money is to pay off your debt. You will get relieved from the stress that you go through because of your debt. But the problem is you may not always find the things you want for a discount. There is no business that will give you discounts throughout the year. 

However, there are other strategies you can use in order to get the things you want for cheaper prices and that is by getting cash back. Getting a discount and getting a cashback is almost the same thing. The only difference is you will be paying full money before some of it is refunded to your account. Cashbacks are something a lot of people have been using in recent times to save money. People have understood that they can also save money by using cashback sites while some of them are not genuine, you can easily find good cashback sites. You can use these sites while shopping to save money. Wouldn’t it be great to get your cashback after shopping?

Here is a list of cashback sites that you can use while shopping online.


While this is not exactly your typical cashback website it will definitely help you save a lot of money. Wikibuy is more of a comparison tool than a cashback site. Nevertheless, you will be saving a lot of money through Wikibuy. It is a price comparison tool that works on a lot of e-commerce websites like Amazon. When you use Wikibuy to shop it will search thousands of websites and show you the least amount of price that a site has to offer. Not only that but you Wikibuy also searches coupons and discount codes to get a product for cheap. By shopping through this website you will also get reward points which you can use in other stores like Walmart, Nike, etc.


Rakuten is one of the popular sites when it comes to shopping. You will find a lot of vendors on this site. This company was launched more than two decades ago and it has helped people earn more than a billion dollars to this date. This only goes to show how great the platform is. To use this website you have to open an account which is not a big deal as it is a free account. Once you do this you will be able to shop from hundreds of vendors. The percentage of cashback varies from vendor to vendor. 


This is another platform that is quite similar to Rakuten. TopCashback will give you a refund when you purchase something online. A person has to use the TopCashback platform to access the stores if they want a cashback. After you are done purchasing the items you want you will get the percentage of cashback listed on the website. If you want to get the cash you have earned you can choose to get paid through PayPal or get gift cards. 


Honey is one of the best application or browser extensions out there if you want to save money on online shopping. This website was designed so that people don’t have to search the whole internet to find coupons for the things they want to buy. It provides the most effective way to find coupons for the products you want to buy. This website is associated with more than 30,000 retailers. As soon as you search for the product you want to buy Honey automatically finds the best coupon available for it. It has a droplist feature that notifies when the price of the product you added to the cart drops.


Ibotta is one of the best cashback sites out there. In fact, it is the favorite cashback site for many people. This site was created so that the people have an easy way to get cashback and discounts on their purchases. This website will give you a cashback simply because you bought something. But the percentage of cashback depends on the things you want to purchase. 


This is a different type of cashback site. Usually, with cashback sites, you will get the money directly deposited into your bank account or PayPal account. But Upromise is not like that. When you purchase something through Upromise the cashback will be deposited in a 529 account. So that you can use this money to pay your college fee or your children’s college fee. Not only that you can also earn rewards when you purchase from restaurants using your credit or debit card.


Swagbucks is a site that is also great for getting cashback. Many people only know Swagbucks as a site that allows you to earn money by watching videos or taking online surveys. But there is more to this site than meets the eye. You can also shop through this website to get cashback. It was founded just over a decade ago but it has given out more than $281 million dollars in rewards to its users. You can start shopping as soon as you create an account and log in. 


This is another website that works differently compared to all the other ones on this list. Usually, you get a cashback for purchasing through the website. But Dosh is not like that.  You have to link your credit card or debit card to this Dosh after installing their application. After that, it will give you a cash bai every time you make a purchase. You can get upto 10% discount. It will also pay $5 for referring it to someone. 


Mypoints is another website that people don’t know that they can get cash backs from shopping through it. Most people only know it as a website that pays you for taking online surveys. But by shopping through Mypoints you can get upto a whopping 40% cashback. When you shop using this portal you will earn points. You can either cash out through PayPal or get gift cards. 


Earny is another browser extension that helps you save money. You will get cashback when you activate this browser extension for online shopping. This extension keeps track of the prices of the items you have purchased online. When the prices drop you will automatically get a cashback for the products you bought. 


These are some of the best cashback sites for saving money while shopping online. It is always great to save money on shopping.  You can even be a mystery shopper if you want. There are mystery shopping websites that pay money for working. 

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