10 Benefits Of Working From Home


Working from anywhere in the world requires dedication and full attention to complete the task on time. There is various nature of work that demands the employees to carry a certain job in a particular manner. For example, in case there is a sudden meeting or a client call or conference call, there are specific guidelines or etiquettes that have to be strictly followed in order to do the needful. We are usually accustomed to working in a certain environment and even a little shift in place or people hinders the mindset of people, for some, it might be a little less for others it might be distracting. Working from home is what we all long for in our heart of hearts.

How about doing your job in the cozy corner in your home with a cup of coffee by your side? Sounds great! Well, this is where the excitement begins. The environment is the most important factor when we have to get a job done. However, resisting the bed, or the extra nap is tough to beat. The urge to get up and start working is all you need to motivate yourself for. Motivation is all you need to kick start the morning! There are a few steps that might be helpful to dodge the lazy days while at home.


Schedule for the day –  A plan gives a direction towards what next. There must be a number of tasks to perform. It would be best to schedule according to the priority and nature of work. Deciding what to do right on the spot shall end up in a hassle. Pre-planning of the work gives clarity. Accordingly one can manage the working hours and some breaks in between to boost the mind and save some energy.

Create a workstation – How can one work with all the comfort sitting right beside? Well, creating a little space for a laptop or desktop along with all the necessary requirements shall help a lot. This will not only motivate but also it will be easy to focus on what to do keeping all the distractions aside. Apart from that, it is not necessary to work from your home. Grab a cup of coffee and find a cozy corner in a coffee house. There are no norms for a work station if you are working from home. The whole idea is to create a space where one can do their job in peace.

No Distraction – Distractions can be anywhere and everywhere. It depends on an individual what makes him/her distracted. Loud noises, loud people, music, etc. Some people can easily work in a loud environment whereas others need a peaceful place to work. Favorite show in the list? Tempted to finish it early?  When the surrounding is comfortable any tiny thing could be distracting. Make arrangements to stop drifting apart from the work assigned.

Time Management – Managing the time required is the most essential part of work from home. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” We are well aware of this proverb. Distributing the time and work will give a clear idea about the work completed and the work yet to be done. Assigning work per hour or per day or shifts can be helpful to keep pace with time. 


Working from home, as easy as it sounds has a hundred possibilities of things falling apart. The sudden arrival of guests, Power Cut, Network issues, etc there is a line of hindrances that can ruin the fun. Nevertheless, it could work out very smoothly as well. It comes down to the productivity of the working hours and the quality that is delivered not the quantity. The lesser the interruptions the more focus can be inclined towards the work. The office has its own advantage as there are people working nearby so all the queries are solved then and there but it involves a lot of chaos, people barging in, sudden meetings, breaks, etc. A home is a place where things can be done according to the convenience of the employee and he/she can do integrated work with peace. Let’s see some of the advantages of working from home.

Flexible working hours

Working for 9-5? How about planning your own time without any clock ticking? No eyes stalking while working, not specific lunch timings. Working from home is a wonderful opportunity. The job can be completed at the convenience of an individual. Less pressure allows the working efficiency and people can complete more work and increase their productivity from home. Comfortable environment and food encourage the employees to continue working and complete the task. One of the main factors is the working hours as one does not have to get up early, get ready and travel. This time saved can be utilized to work. 

Convenient environment

The working environment allows an individual to work efficiently or lose interest in working or lower the productivity of them. Staying back home gives us the most comfortable environment to work. No more desks and tables which break your back. No more loud colleagues. A peaceful environment where work can be done at any pace. All the belongings by the side. Don’t have to get up multiple times to ask for help coordinate with other employees. One phone call or a message to the concerned person will help. All the other necessary information shall be delivered through the mail. 

Comfortable outfit

Suits, blazers and trousers on a hot and humid day. The thought of it makes people sweat already. Home is the alternative of comfort. Therefore get back to those PJs and take a back seat and work with ease. No itchy uncomfortable clothes to bear for 9-6. The more comfortable we are the more work can be done with ease. Clothes do play an important role in work. Staying back at home with the most comfortable outfit is much better than shivering in the air conditioner which will be in full blast in office. 

Low Interruptions 

Talkative boss and employees? The crowded environment with less space and a lot of people walking by. People tend to get distracted easily, therefore such situations tend to slow down the work progress. Intentional hindrance is some of the tricks that affect some people and distract them which benefits the other. Offices are never the same without a little fun and frolic. Are you part of a gossip gang? Missing out on hot topics is tough to resist. Another interruption added to the list. At home, all you have to do is focus on the given task without any intentional or unintentional fluctuations during the ongoing work. 

Call till you drop 

Have an important call to make? To find a quiet space with no people around to get along that important call shall keep you on your toes. Suddenly someone will come down to ask for a query or an uninvited person comes up to ask for a room direction. Situations as petty as this are unavoidable in the office. Boss calls up for an urgent meeting, while the client has requested for the same time to crack a deal with you. In such a hassle, one might forget the important points to be discussed and a good opportunity can be easily missed. While back at home, one has all the time and space to put the thoughts together and have a great conversation. Grab a pen and paper, put down all the points to be said and crack that deal within no time. No interruptions and free space and mind, What else one can ask for. Make all the calls as productive as possible and the good news awaits!

No commuting

Woke up late, no public transport available at the given point of time? Getting late for work is the last thing one would want to imagine. Offices are usually located in industrial areas for better space and area to be covered. Lucky ones find their office nearby. Some people have to wake up early take that bus or metro and cover a long distance which might take a few hours to reach the destination. Had a fight while traveling with someone? That thought might stay around for a while which might affect the work. Traveling with your own vehicle and having a tire punctured in the middle of the road. This might take a while to fix. Explaining the same to the boss is another task. False impressions and workload are some of the after-effects in such situations. All these issues can be kept aside while working from home. The bed is your new comfortable space to do all the tasks for the day. Earning a living from bed to bed gets one motivated to perform better and earn more.

Pocket friendly

Mid-day snacks? Forgot to get lunch? Well, this is very common for working people. A lot of people invest a fair amount of money in snacks and tea, coffee. Team lunch contribution, sudden treats. A colleague requested to lend some money. Well, the list has no end. In case one has to go out for lunch, they have to wait for the food, eat and return back to their work stations. This time can be wisely invested back at home. Food, water, money lending, etc. Work from home is a savior. That is a little pocket money that can be saved from everyday expenses. We tend to be curious and follow what others do. Such expenses are the result of curiosity. Another reason is boredom. We need something to occupy our minds apart from the hectic working schedules. Some people chew gum to maintain the focus, others eat. Munching is another timepass in a boring environment. Therefore all these extra pennies can be controlled when one is sitting back at home.

How about a “Power Nap”

Power naps are indeed very essential for people working. Pressure varies from person to person. Some people can take a lot of pressure with ease while others are taken aback and it affects their productivity. Power naps boosts the mind and helps to be fresh and active for the rest of the working period. Foreign companies have small chambers for people to take a quick nap, in between their working hours. This is not functional in the Indian offices yet but this idea is taken into consideration to boost the productivity of the employees. At home, it is easy to take a power nap in between. Depending on the nature of work and the time consumed to complete a task. One can find some time to take a break for a while amidst the hectic schedule. This not only helps you to save energy to do some extra tasks but also the time wasted while feeling dizzy.

Professional and Personal life balance

Work-life balance is as easy and hard to deal with in this competitive working environment. Everybody has to give their best and perform to the fullest. No chance can be missed each lost step, is a step backward from the goal. High targets are necessary to be met on a daily basis. We are directly or indirectly inclined more towards our professional life. Personal life is usually left out. We don’t spend much time with our family and dear ones. Those who have to go out to visit sites or tours, other professions such as banking sectors. Workload has no bounds. In such a scenario working at home is a great relief. We are near to our family and friends. No more missed calls or staying away from home for days together. We can stay close to our families, take care of them and work simultaneously. A certain amount of balance in our lives can be maintained with the help of work from home.

Household chores

Most people these days are bachelors. They don’t have their families with them. They stay alone in a pg, hostel or rented flats and take care of all the things going around them single-handedly. This is a huge responsibility which starts from, bill payments, food, laundry, cleaning. Apart from all this, the daily working hours have to be maintained. Somedays the work is never-ending and all one can think of is to get some food and sleep. While this goes on for another weekend, all the household chores are held up for the next weekend. There is no end to this. Working from home helps you to transfer those dirty clothes to the laundry, cook that meal, clean your bed, etc. One by one thing can be cleared if one is at home. Multitasking is easy to handle and all both jobs can be done right with the help of work from home. 


Motivation to work is the key source to wake up every day and work. Pushing oneself to work shall not continue for a long period of time.  People have to be enthusiastic about the job that they have been assigned and perform the task on time proficiently. Offices are always under pressure; they have to look after their profits and performance. Few organizations look after their employees and their well beings but most of the offices are high performance-based and under pressure. There are tensed faces and annoyed bosses. Confused employees and the clock ticking away. People tend to lose motivation under such extreme conditions. The reason for most of the resignations is work pressure and less motivation to continue further. Well, we already know how to turn the tables. Working from home is the best, suitable environment no matter the work pressure and the working hours. Employees and highly motivated when the surrounding is at their disposal. Their performance is at its best and the number of tasks performed rises gradually.



Working from home is the best option for an employee. However, there are some hazards that might accompany but the best-preferred option is to sit back in bed and do the job. People always look up to work from home options. The work done is of much higher quality and employee satisfaction is at its best. Free mind and high spirit are the essentials to perform any given task. Employee satisfaction is the primary goal of any organization to have a good team to support the company. Home is the most comfortable place to be and working from home is the best way to higher the productivity of employees. People think working from home will ruin the working capacity of employees or they will not be ready to give their hundred percent. On the other hand people working from home are more enthusiastic and put more time and efforts to perform the task.


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