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Olark Vs LiveChat – Compare Which is the Best Live Chat Tool

Want to know the secret to grow your business? Introduce live chat on your website. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Over 93% of business are using live chat to connect with their prospects at real-time. A few years ago, business interacts with its ...

How to Provide Great for Customer Support using Olark Live Chat

Whether you're running a local business or international corporation, customer supports is a major component of business success. The process of customer service begins with interacting with a visitor, solving the queries and continue through a ...

How to Acquire Sales Leads with Olark Live Chat?

What are the crucial parts of every business? Planning, marketing, finance and sale support. These are the key element to run a successful business. Proper planning is important to make things work properly. Marketing will let people know about ...

How Does Olark Live Chat Help to Increase Sales?

Millions of companies are registered daily across the globe. Every company is struggling hard to provide quality products and generate good income. They are finding various strategies, methods and approaches to sustain in the market. Gaining ...

Integrate Olark with E-Commerce Platforms BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Magento

Planning to drive more sales using Olark? Want to stand out from the crowd? If your answer is YES!!! It's time to integrate Olark with the tool you love. Let’s discuss why system integrations are important in this Olark review. For example, when ...

10 Best CDN (Content Delivery Network) Providers to Increase the Speed & Security of Websites (Compared and Reviewed 2020)

Content delivery network as the name suggests it is the distribution of the networks, that helps us with the delivery of web pages, web content based on geographical locations. Basically, it is a computer setup that includes a bunch of networks ...

Top 10 Website Builder Software to Create a Website (Compared and Reviewed 2020)

Online presence has become highly important for companies. Don’t you agree? From Facebook to Instagram, you can see how companies are using every platform to get closer to their potential customers and up their number game. But still what is the ...

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools to Monitor Website Backlinks (2020 Compared and Tested)

Backlinks are powerful criteria in website ranking. A good number of backlinks from trusted websites contribute to your website popularity on Google, boosting your website rank. Wondering what exactly are backlinks? Incoming links from a different ...

Best 10 eCommerce Website Builders ( Reviewed and Compared 2020)

E-commerce is a booming industry!!! It’s no secret e-commerce is growing its popularity across the globe. These e-commerce platforms have made people’s life easy and simple. But how? There are thousands of e-commerce websites available online. ...

10 Basics You Need to Launch Your Business Website

How important do you think a website is for a business? If you have taken time to read this article then you must be planning to launch your business website. Confused about where to start and what to do? No worries, stick till the end, you would ...

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Welcome to MYVU

Welcome to MYVU Website, We are building a next-gen tech media company that is focused on providing readers with all the information they’re looking for. MYVU is created with a goal to help users Learn, Grow and make money.

We have seen a shift in the market and more people are showing their interest in building a business online and make money. MY VU is here to help you in achieving that goal. Growing users to our website show that we are offering our users quality content.

About MYVU

MYVU blog is dedicated and committed to providing its users with information about branding, marketing, business, blogging etc. We provide you with tips on a variety of topics and welcome all opinions and views. MYVU will provide you with guides, tutorials, tips to create, market and make money online. Little help can take you a long way, we believe that providing users with all the knowledge we acquired over the years can help them in increasing their sales and traffic. Wondering, what MYVU will help you with? MYVU website creates trustworthy, knowledgeable and well researched online content which will help your business at every stage. MY VU has been providing its users with valuable information since its inception. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or freelancer, MY VU will provide you with complete information about marketing, blogging, web designing etc. Over the years, the traditional media has gone through a lot of exceptional changes. It has taken a leap towards the digital world and this new wave has opened up a lot of opportunities for many businesses and individuals. From offline marketing to digital marketing a lot has come into the picture. The Mission of MYVU is to help its users Learn, Grow and Make money with the help of today’s fast-growing digital technology, products and tools.

Learn to Create

MYVU will provide you with guides, tutorials and tips to learn how to create, choose or use different digital tech products and tools like CMS, Hosting etc, that can enhance your business or website visibility. From guides & tutorials on how to create a blog/ website to basic & advanced tips for digital marketing, you will find everything on our website. Users can understand and implement these tips to learn, create and use it. Apart from tutorials we also provide you with a complete guide on topics such as social media and digital marketing. If you already have a blog or website and would like to take it next level then there is a vast pool of knowledgeable information that you could take from.

Grow with Marketing

MYVU is perfect for anyone passionate about marketing their website or business using the right products and tools at every stage of marketing. MY VU helps to choose the right product for your end to end operational and marketing needs like project management tools, employee management tools, payment gateways, finance managing tools, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing etc.  Also, marketing techniques which power to drive your business towards success. Utilize these resources and drive your business or blog towards success. Although we are aware and have good knowledge of tools that help our business, sometimes having an expert opinion gives you the boost and confidence. MY VU will guide in choosing the right products to drive your business towards success.

Make Money from your Business

Whether You’re an Entrepreneur or Existing Business owner it is important to make money. MYVU helps both offline and online businesses to make money by providing different business ideas, advertising tips, information etc. With the collaboration of Knowledge, Technology and Marketing anyone can achieve their business goal. You can be assured as MYVU will do all the job of researching and providing you with all the information regarding the tools that could help you in making money. Are you interested in contributing to our website to get your product or business reach our fast-growing user base? You’re always welcome. We would always be pleasured to add and suggesting new things which are will add value to our users. We encourage you to contact our team with your requirements. The benefits of contributing are that you will gain access to our audience, increase your brand’s recognition and visibility.

MYVU Privacy policy

MYVU respects your privacy!!! The information collected at our website is used for MYVU purposes. Subscribed users receive information about events, trends, news, private news and updates through email. Users can configure email options according to their interest and choice. They can enable and disable options available on our website. MYVU consists of links to other websites. These sites can provide additional information about topics like products, marketing, technical, etc. Make a note, privacy policies can vary from our site to another site. Read their privacy statements thoroughly and go ahead. We reserve the right to remove the content submitted by users at any time. We have the power to add or remove feature without prior notice. Users are allowed to access our social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Whenever users hit on like, share or subscribe button, we receive notifications instantly. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s mobiles or desktop. The cookie policy is used to provide information about the acceptance of users personal data by a website or an application. We know how sensitive you’re about your personal data.  MYVU ensures complete security to your personal information. No more worries about data theft and frauds, your data is safe with MY VU. Our website collects information such as  images, messages, blog posts , product details and more from users. Once the user accepts cookie policy on our website cookies will be stored and read by the website whenever you return to MYVU in the future. Cookies at MYVU are used for different purposes. For example, they remember your personal information, you don’t have to re-enter details to log in. Based on your personal interest, our website provides custom advertisements.

MYVU Disclosure and Disclaimer

We love hearing from you. Comment your ideas and views below our posts. We keep every comment in a moderated stage. Our website doesn’t encourage abusive and hateful comments. We have the right to allow or deny users comments. MYVU will review every product or service before uploading on the website. If a merchant is offering quality products which meets our criteria, we have no issue referring them on our website. The information available at MYVU is for general purpose. We endeavour to keep accurate information about the products, services, policies, email address etc. The email addresses or other data collected on our website is used for MYVU purpose only. We never use data for third party services without prior permission. Contact us for further queries!
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